Greetings, and Happy Spring from the team at Barb’s Dog Rescue! What a beautiful time of year to enjoy all that Rocky Point has to offer! If you’re planning a vacation to our little slice of heaven, we would love for you to add a trip to Barb’s Dog Rescue to your itinerary! The Rescue is conveniently located just off the highway on your way into town—watch for the bright yellow billboard. We hope you’ll stop and spend a little time giving our dogs some love and attention, take a dog out to our new dog park for some free play, dole out some doggie treats, and maybe even choose to take a dog on vacation with you! We promise a stop at the rescue will make your vacation even more wonderful!

As the warmer summer months are right around the corner, we’re busy replacing our sunshades, adding additional shady structures, restocking our doggie swimming pools, and doing all we can to ensure cool, comfortable living spaces for our precious dogs. Power outages are common during the summer, and our facility can quickly go from comfortable to blazing hot in an instant. Power outages also result in water shortages, as our water system is reliant on electric pumps. We’re making efforts to get in front of water/power emergencies this year and are working hard to overhaul our less-than-ideal electrical systems. We must keep our pups and our staff cool and comfortable!

Springtime is “puppy season,” and we have received litter after litter of beautiful babies, some lucky enough to come in with their nursing mothers. We are providing complete care for these precious souls, we bottle feed when needed, and give them the best possible veterinary services, including treatment for various illnesses and injuries, vaccinations, and of course spaying and neutering. We are eternally grateful to our partners at Servicios Medicos Veterinarios who help us save these precious souls. Sadly, we recently had to announce that we are at full capacity at the rescue. We have a waiting list for homeless dogs that so desperately need our services, and YOU can help us meet the never-ending needs here at Barb’s Dog Rescue. We are working hard to add more outdoor enclosures, but it is an expensive undertaking. Our new spaces need fencing, infrastructure (water, sewer, power, etc.), and as we expand, we must account for the additional staff we’ll need to add, as well as the expenses for additional veterinary services, food, and all of the other things that come with our increasing population of furry friends. We are always striving to grow, do more, and save more, but we need your support. Your donations will help us achieve our lofty goals, and they can be made on our website, You can also help by spreading the word about our rescue, and the hundreds of beautiful dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes that are here, waiting for their people to come and sweep them off their feet! Have a look at our “adoptable dogs” link on our website and find your perfect match! Like most other rescues in the USA, our population is exploding, and we must educate the public that with a little time and effort, it IS possible to find the dog you want by doing your research and choosing a rescue dog. Rescue dogs are oh, so smart, and make for the most loyal, loving companions!

We would like to express our gratitude to so many local businesses who have invited us to set up shop and hold adoption events these past few months. What a fun outing for our dogs, and a unique opportunity to increase awareness about what Barb’s Dog Rescue is doing for the street dog population in Puerto Peñasco! Thank you to Banditos, Borracho’s Cantina Rocky Point, Manny’s Beach Club, and Mermaid’s Market for your hospitality. We can’t wait to see you all in June for the next big event, Circus Mexicus!

Barb’s Dog Rescue always appreciates your food and supply donations. We have a particular need for wet (canned) dog food, as it is very difficult to come by here in Rocky Point. Tourists can bring up to five cases of canned food, Mexican law allows for chicken, turkey, and seafood-based food to be brought over the border. We also always need blankets & bedding, treats, toys, crates, leashes & harnesses, cleaning supplies, and all things “dog”! We would love to chat with you about our needs and share with you the hopes and dreams for our rescue; email us anytime,

Enjoy your time in Rocky Point, and we hope you’ll stop in to say hello!