The weather is perfect, down on the beach lately and that always brings fun times. Santo Tomas hosts many groups every year with differing connections from familial, work, and social to the abstract.

One group in particular is a group of off-road enthusiasts that actually trail blazes its way to Santo Tomas from Rocky Point in off-road SXS’s or 4X4 highway vehicles. This group is called Bajnora (a combination of Baja and Sonora). The Bajnora Groups are a mixture of expert to novice in regard to skills and/or experience levels. Their support crew is always nearby with gas, tools and impressive knowledge. They are a serious band of off-roaders, in fact as I write this, the group’s “Trailboss” is racing in the Baja 1000. (Update: He won the Baja 1000 in his class…class one, Team Wilson Motorsports. This is the 4th team he’s been on that won in that class.)

The term “serious” off-roaders are kind of relevant only to the fact that their trips are very well organized with all the seriousness that goes into planning and safety. Once their machines are shut off their seriousness kind of does too.

The event hosts make a point of supporting the local communities along the way from Aguachile restaurants, taco stands, to the little off the beaten path Ejidos. (Ejidos are small communities of shared lands used for farming or common use.) From the beginning the organizers of these excursions would purchase toys, clothes, and games for the families they come across during their rides. That heartfelt gesture quickly resonated with other attendees who also like to take part in blessing the families of Mexico. This last trip they were able to donate nearly 100 backpacks with school supplies, soccer balls, personal hygiene kits, and lots of toys. The locals are always so welcoming and helpful, and it is a very rewarding and emotional aspect of each tour.

Last time they stopped in a small village and everyone spontaneously got out and played soccer on the dirt road with the village children. You would have never known there was a language barrier. One of the group’s guests noted, “We laughed, we cheered, we encouraged, and we teased one another, and there were a lot of sad faces when it came time to leave on both sides. Friendships are developed each time.”

The group typically consists of between 20 and 30 participants that arrive late in the afternoon in Santo Tomas. Some will immediately come to Mamachita’s Restaurant & Cantina for Happy Hour and others may stay down on the beach to watch the beautiful sunsets straight out over the ocean. Prearranged menus and creative entertainment are a pleasant surprise for the Bajnora guests, all thoughtfully planned for the varying guests. Meals can range from tacos to more custom prepared meals like the process referred to as a coffin, (Done just before Halloween) which is best described as various meats sealed with masa in a coffin like vessel and slow cooked for hours. Guests enjoy margaritas and other cocktails from Mamachitas rooftop overlooking the beautiful mountains and desert in one direction and the gorgeous blue ocean to the West.

Bajnora’s group adventures are well organized and pre-planned, and safety is always first. They can be structured to fit any specific group. They have done Jeeps and/or similar road vehicles, “Side by sides”, and personal off-road vehicles. From relaxed sightseeing, to the more adventurous technically focused, they have done it. Side trips can include exploring Native American ruins capped off with a wine tour at a vineyard right around the corner from Santo Tomas. Viñedos La Bonita, does a very nice presentation of not only their own wines, but also a sampling of many of the local products from grapes, asparagus, cheeses, dates, citrus, and other surprises. There is more than the off-road experience with variations of group beach games along the way, several options include entertainment such as beach bonfires, crazy costumes, live music, wine tours, horseback riding, kayaking, electric bikes, etc… everything is customized to your liking. You may have a group that you would like to do a ride with, or you may want to join one of our mixed groups and meet new people. Prices depend on the number of people in the group. It includes breakfast, dinner and Lodging in the beautiful beach houses of Santo Tomas. Team Bajnora can coordinate all the details. Visit them at or follow them on Instagram @Bajnoraadventures or email them at