SharpeiSpring is coming to a close and we are getting ready for summer-time. Definitely a time when we need a LOT of plastic dog play pools for them to go soak in to get out of the heat! So if anyone finds a sale – sometimes they have them at the Dollar Stores or at Walmart for half off, please pick us up one or two. The dogs and puppies love them!
With weekly visits from the city’s Animal Care and Control bringing us by dogs in the hopes that we can take some, with puppy season and with the usual flow of dogs showing up on the doorstep from locals and tourists finding them in the streets, we are at a max capacity of over 180 dogs. That’s a LOT of mouths to feed and vet bills to pay for. All the food you are bringing by is the only thing that keeps us afloat. We rely 100 percent on donations and they are tax deductible as we are a 501c3 nonprofit organization so thank you for every bag, dollar or hour of volunteer time you have to give!
A happy ending story is the litter of 3 puppies that were dropped off at our door step at barely 4 weeks old with no mother. Barb’s Dog Rescue team took turns and shifts bottle feeding the puppies with milk and supplements to make up for being taken away from the mother too soon (the mother’s milk builds up the puppies antibodies to go on and face the world on its own!) They officially made it through the danger zone and had their first couple of vaccinations and are almost old enough so they will be spayed/neutered. We have several people that have stopped by that have expressed interest in possibly rescuing these guys (and either way they will find a home!) and we are so happy that this litter of puppies is going to end up with a cheerful ending and second chance!
Once again, we are very grateful to all of you that already do support Barbs Dog Rescue. We would also like to thank the other rescue efforts in Rocky Point and the City of Peñasco for their support.
Every penny goes to helping the stray and homeless dogs – come visit and see for yourself! We have lots of puppies that would love to be held and big dogs that need a few extra pets. So stop by, donate a bag of dog food to feed some appreciative animals and get a kiss or two!
We would not be able to help any of these dogs without your support and all donations are greatly appreciated. Donations can either be dropped off at the rescue, mailed to P.O. Box 116, Lukeville 85341 or sent online at We can also coordinate donations to be transported from Phoenix to Rocky Point. Please visit us on our Barb’s Dog Rescue Facebook page as well for updates, pictures and news.