I’m pretty sure if you looked back at their high school class yearbooks, all of the current U.S. presidential candidate wannabes would have been voted Most Unlikely To Succeed. Either that, or Smallest Brain, Biggest Ego. But enough talk about the insane process to elect the leader of the Free World. There is something happening right now in Rocky Point that’s much more important: dry summer in the Sonoran Desert.

Are you aware there are five seasons in this diverse desert ecosystem that stretches from the Baja Peninsula and upper Sea of Cortez in Mexico, to central and southwest Arizona, north to Lake Havasu and west to Palm Springs? The Sonoran Desert seasons are spring, dry summer, monsoon summer, autumn and winter.

Dry summer is just what it says. Hardly any rain, mild evenings and warm days. It’s my favorite time of year, just before the summer monsoons bring rain, bugs, miserable humidity and the 2016 political conventions which will be like coming upon a really bad car wreck and you don’t want to look, but you can’t help yourself.

I recently had an insightful conversation with Sue McCaffrey of Phoenix.

CAP’N GREG: Have you made up your mind who you’ll vote for?

SUE: Bite me.

So here we are in the spectacular dry summer season in the Sonoran Desert. Come on down and enjoy the warm ocean, the cool breezes, the exceptional food and hospitality. If only for a long weekend, you’ll escape the incessant robocalls, TV talking heads arguing over who won the debates, name calling, mudslinging and the flip-flopping, sleaze ball antics of a bunch of folks who really, really want to go to work for you because they have never had an actual job in their entire lives.

And speaking of dry, all this political talk is making me thirsty. I’m heading to Playa Bonita for a sunset margarita. See you there.