A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of helping some of the truly needy folks in Puerto Peñasco by going fishing. Say what? Yes— by going fishing. It was a bona fide combination of fun and community service. I was fortunate enough to accompany some of our finest “go for the meat” anglers on their monthly harvest from the sea for the disadvantaged. Teach a gringo to fish and he will feed the hungry.

I accompanied our American Legion’s Post Commander Paul Raddatz, MX 15 Posts Executive Board member and Rocky Point Times contributor Rob Baylor, and Paul’s neighbor Bobby the pilot, out to sea.

We were led to the hot spots by our magnificent patron the “fish finder” whose name will not be revealed for fear of overbooking his panga and denying us the opportunity to book it for the best times.

When I say “Fish Finder” I’m serious. I actually got cramps in my hand from reeling them in. To say we caught a “couple hundred” is no fish tale. The pounds of fish we bagged were just as impressive. We filled the post’s freezers, then a couple at Paul’s house with the ones that wouldn’t fit at the American Legion post. We bag and freeze the fish in portion sizes. Our American Legion Post MX 15 has a list of truly needy folks who we supply with most of the necessities of life and a treat or two once a week. Paul and a helper or two deliver twice a week their packages of life sustaining goodies like beans, rice, vegetables, flour or tortillas, coffee and/or tea and a protein source. The protein source is where our fish fit in. When peoples shelves are empty and the tummies are too, the fish fit in nicely. This American Legion program relies solely on donations and the largess of visitors who are going back to the states and have excess food that could spoil, the kids wouldn’t eat, or is not allowed. You can only imagine the smiles and goodwill these gifts of food generate. I usually hit up my neighbors as they are packing to go home and get lots of good stuff for the hungry. My father used to say that “If you put a little hunger sauce on it, it will taste pretty good”. If you have any goods to donate to the program please make others happy by stopping by the American Legion Post. We are located on the ground floor of the Los Juanes building, one block up the hill from the Pink Cadillac on Chihuahua. Stop by and have a drink anytime, all are welcome. One need not be a veteran to enjoy the facility and help us help others. Please stop by. Back to the fishing stuff. For those who have been restricted to watching the pelicans fly by it’s worth the price of fishing to look one of these flying camels in the eye from a couple feet as they float

up after their crash landings to mooch fish. Bobby caved in to their pleading and they got some small fish from him for their work. To “Hook up” and help just contact Rob at irretired04@gmail.com. If you need an excuse to go fishing, just say “See you later, I’m going out to meet some great folks down here and help them do community service today”.