The holidays are behind us, as January signals new beginnings. In this process, there are always mixed emotions when we put our Christmas decorations away. They are fun and exciting going up, not so much coming down. While taking a last look at the holiday cards we received, one caught my attention and created, again, a knot in my throat that signaled the tears that would soon well up in my eyes. It was the card sent by Barb at Barb’s Dog Rescue. A healthy, happy yellow dog of medium size looked back at me. Under his picture were the words, “Hope and Love.” Inside was this dog’s story. His name is Poshi. Beautifully written by Barb’s Dog Rescue Board Member, Amy Lake, it reveals a difficult past.

“Poshi spent his life tied up outdoors. He roasted in the desert heat, with little food and no shade. He arrived in our care malnourished and weak, his spirit stifled, having never known love.

But he had hope for a better life. Lots of love and care at the shelter helped Poshi’s soul begin to shine. He is a delightful fellow, a friend to every dog and person he meets. His belly is full these days, but Poshi is still very enthusiastic about treats, and he gets a special one every day from Barb.

Poshi has graced us with his gentlemanly presence over the last four years. He is still waiting patiently to be chosen for adoption. Until then, we are honored to be his family.”

Are you thinking of adding a pet to your family? If so, there is no place better suited to provide as many choices as Barb’s Dog Rescue. You will find an amazing selection of sizes, colors, breeds and ages. Over 350 of them to be exact. If you have a very active family, we have the perfect dog for you. If, like us, there is nothing better than sitting by the fire with a good book and a loving pet by your side, we have a host of those too. There is never a cost to adopt, as Barb depends solely on donations to do her wonderful work. All dogs have been fully vaccinated, are free of parasites, and have been spayed or neutered. Necessary paperwork to take them back across the border is provided.

Other Ways to Help

Donations of food or dollars is tax deductible and gratefully accepted. It takes 120 pounds of puppy kibble, 200 pounds of adult kibble, 48 cans of wet food, and a large box of dog treats to feed our dogs each day. That works out to 43,800 pounds of puppy chow, 73,000 pounds of adult chow, 17,520 cans of wet food, and 365 boxes of dog treats a year, not including the puppy formula, boxes of rice, and breasts of chicken used to care for sick or abandoned puppies too young for kibble. Barb’s receives discounts from local vendors for food and medication, so The Rescue can get more with a dollar than you. Additionally, at any given time, we will be shorter on some supplies than others. Monetary donations allow us to purchase what we need.

We always need used bath towels to line the dogs’ beds, crates, and houses. In the winter, baby and small child size blankets are especially appreciated. And, as you might imagine, we go through a lot of cleaning supplies, detergent, paper towels, Clorox wipes, and puppy pads. We also need volunteers. Dogs need to be fed. Visitors need to be greeted and shown around.

Thank you to all who have supported Barb’s in the last year. The good work she and her staff do could not continue without your help. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, RESCUE NEVER STOPS!

Please visit us online at http://www.facebook.com/BarbsDogRescue or our website: www.BarbsDogRescue.org or Barb’s Mexico cell: (638) 114-1659 or U.S. cell: (602) 774-1578 Email: barbsdogrescue@gmail.com