It was a Wednesday morning in 1989 when the BW (aka the Beautiful Wife) gave me an ultimatum. “Come with me to Rocky Point for the weekend or I’m going by myself.” (Several friends had highly recommended that we go.) Well, I didn’t know much about Rocky Point in those days. I was an accounting professor at ASU and the only thing I knew about Rocky Point was that college students said it was great a place to “party.” The last thing I needed was to be around drunken college students. Besides, we had lived many years before in Guadalajara. How could some beach town in the desert possibly measure up to that great City? No thanks, I thought. (But, being the well-trained husband that I am, I didn’t say so.)Instead, I mustered up as much fake enthusiasm as I could and replied, “Gee, what a good idea!”

It was a great decision! We weren’t in Rocky Point for more than 20 minutes before we started looking for property. We loved Rocky Point immediately. For the next two years, we toured and walked every beach within 25 miles of Rocky Point. Finally, we bought our first beachfront lot at Playa Encanto and built our first home.

In spite of being a college professor for 35 years, I’ve also been an entrepreneur on the side (e.g., motorhome rentals, book publishing, CPA Review seminars and author). Over the last 15 years, though, Rocky Point has been my “field of dreams”. The first endeavor was Encanto Realty with partner Dave Poturalski. From there we branched out into land development and home construction. Later came specialties in solving difficult title problems, helping folks get legal title to their property (bank trusts), and working with LLC’s. One bank trust case took eight years and required three trips to court in Rocky Point and two in the US. Learning the Mexican legal system was like going to graduate school all over again. But every case was fun because each brought something new to learn and master.

Now retired from ASU, I devote full-time to Rocky Point and have put a team of professionals together to form Guardian Title and Escrow. Actually, these are some of the same people I’ve been working with in Rocky Point for up to 15 years. We offer full-service real estate closings and third-party escrow service that is bonded and insured. We coordinate with local real estate companies, the City of Peñasco, Mexican banks and Notarios to close real estate transactions. We process real estate closings and escrow here in Rocky Point in the same comprehensive manner that title companies do in the US.

Our company is founded on the Six Principles I have used in my Rocky Point businesses for 15 years. Principle #1 is Our Customers’ Interest Comes First. That is, we prosper only if we serve our customers interest as faithfully as we would serve our own interests or those of our families. There’s a fancy legal term that describes how we approach each transaction; the term is fiduciary responsibility. It means that Guardian Title and Escrow owes each customer the obligation to fulfill our duties with the highest degree of good faith, integrity and loyalty to the customer’s interest. Another way of saying this is that we adopt the customer’s interest only, and do not favor anyone else’s interest (including our own) over that of our customer. This is a high standard of commitment.

Unfortunately, in recent years, many businesses catering to Americans in Rocky Point have either shut down or suspended operations. Many times this has caused financial loss to customers. By contrast, we’ve been in business here for 15 years and no one has ever lost a penny in a transaction handled by our team. We have closed hundreds of real estate transactions and have a perfect record. We don’t say this to brag, but merely to observe that this is the expectation we set for ourselves. We offer many related services that are shown on our website ( If we are not the best vendor of the service(s) you need, we will not hesitate to tell you…upfront…no charge. When some other entity could better serve your needs, we’d rather earn your respect for honesty and fair-dealing that any fee you could possibly pay us. Make it a Great Day at the beach!