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From Payasos to Pirates

In 2012, Russ and I attended the Blue and Arts Festival held in San Felipe, just across the Sea of Cortez. It was so much fun that we added it to our Peñasco Recreation List of Tours for 2013. We gathered a group of fun-loving travelers from Peñasco, and we headed off to the Blues Festival in March of 2013.

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Pirates, Mermaids and New Orleans

The Mermaid’s Market is in its 3rd year and has become known as a local marketplace to find unique and eclectic ‘mermaid treasures’…gifts, clothing, candy, home decor, paintings, photographs and much more. Each 1st and 3rd Saturday (during the months of October through April) you can find ‘mermaids’ selling their wares at the Shrimp Park in the center of Rocky Point.

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Re-Creating Fashion

Years ago, we were living in the throw-back little town of Ajo, Arizona. (Why we were living there is definitely a story for another day.) Anyhow, we had a “big city” event to attend…and of course, I had nothing to wear!

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