It took an ecumenical effort recently to place a steeple on the San Jose’ Catholic Church in La Cholla, where bilingual Mass is held every Sunday at 8 a.m., for residents and visitors to Puerto Peñasco.

Parishioner Bob Keller built the steeple to help visually signify that San Jose is, in fact, a Catholic Church. At 79 years old, he wisely decided he would recruit some help to position the structure on top of the 40-foot high peak.

Joab Lizárraga and Efrain Gutierrez from Bethania Christian Church brought the ladder and were the first on the roof to haul up the steeple along with tools to attach it to the roof. Then Keller climbed up to oversee the installation.

The steeple is just another small step in reaching the goal of the parishioners and Pastor Padre David Morales of Our Lady of Guadalupe, to make the mission church a vibrant part of the Catholic Christian community in Peñasco.

The next big effort will be to bring power to the building, weather seal the windows and doors, and add on a bathroom/storage room.

Every Sunday at 8 a.m., the Scriptural readings, sermon and music are presented in both English and Spanish, making it the only bilingual Mass in Peñasco. Everyone is welcome.

San Jose’ Catholic Church in La Cholla gets a new steeple with help from members of Bethania Christian Church.

San Jose’ parishioner Bob Keller (Center) is assisted by Joab Lizarraga (L) and Efrain Gutierrez from Bethania Christian Church.

Ecumenical installation crew (L-R) Efrain Gutierrez, Bob Keller and Joab Lizarraga in front of San Jose’ Catholic Church in La Cholla where bilingual Mass is offered every Sunday at 8 a.m.