It doesn’t matter if you call it rock & roll, ballroom dancing, funk, two-step or simply bustin a move, dancing is ingrained in our souls. Why do we dance? That’s curious, the music starts and the next thing you know the body starts gyrating. It can begin with a simple tapping of a pen on the table or patting one’s knee, and the next thing you know people are booging all over the place. As a guy growing-up in middle-America, it didn’t take long to figure out dancing is a great way to meet members of the opposite sex, but this can cause problems. Many guys are trepid about the dance floor and become resistant to the whole process, worried she may turn us down or our concocted moves may cause others to laugh. Yeah ladies were chickens. So, what’s a guy to do?
I always found booze to be a resourceful answer, hey with a few belts embarrassment simply disappears. I suppose potheads have similar advantages, “Hey Babe, great tune. Wanna dance? Do you happen to have any cookies? I really like cookies.”

Humans tend to be nervous about perceived hurdles in life. Fear of dancing may be akin to public speaking. For many the idea of speaking to an unknown audience can be downright terrifying. This noticeably changes with age, meaning most don’t give a hoot as the years pass and, as we get older, abandoning the hoot becomes a snap. I’ve always been an atrocious dancer and, yes, speaking in front of strangers was once scary. Today, speaking to a group or making a fool of myself on the dance floor is no big thing.

Actually, I use one weakness to conquer the other. She’s sitting there chatting it up with her girlfriend when a favorite old tune comes on the juke box. I simply approach their table, smile and begin, “I regret I have but one life to give to my country.” She looks at her girlfriend with a frown, “Where did this weirdo come from?” Then in unison they both silently look off into the distance pretending I don’t exist. Do I take it personally? Naw, it’s part of the deal.