elena-avalor-largeOne of the unheralded treasures discovered by men coming to Mexico is the charm of Latin women. With beautiful coffee & cream skin, flashing dark eyes and captivating smiles, they can stun a newly arrived visitor. It’s not just their beauty that mesmerizes, they are gifted with fantastic abilities to run a household including cooking & raising kids and participate in family businesses.

As an example, I recently spent some time with a local businessman who praised his wife of many years. He told me I provide an income, she runs the home. I’m greeted with a cup of coffee when I wake-up, a bath has been prepared for me, my clothes are laid out and breakfast is ready. My morning newspaper has been placed next to my plate. I was thinking I hadn’t seen this deal since the 50’s or 60’s, what a fortunate man.

These women are so beautiful and eager to please many American men dive headfirst into relationships. For those choosing to stay in Latin America the experience can be fantastic. A man develops masculinity he never knew he had, however, there can be problem if he plans to bring his new love to the States. The idea is exhilarating, he wants to return home to show the community just how good life can be reasoning he will be the envy of the neighborhood. A woman that lays out his clothes in the morning, wow, that’s unbelievable. Sounds great, eh? Well not exactly.

When our hero introduces his beauty to his old neighborhood things will change quickly and dramatically and she will become Americanized in a short period of time. When he sits down on Sunday to enjoy football he pleasantly asks, “Honey, would you mind bringing me a beer,” a response is shouted back from the other room, “Someone break your leg? Get your own damn beer and take out the trash.”
It was a dream, a beautiful dream, Dan McWhitis…