What do you love the most in Rocky Point? The sea breeze? The tranquility of our town? The people? Each one of us will have a different yet correct answer to this question.

For a lot of our locals and guests alike, taking advantage of the outdoors here in Rocky Point is something worth the cost and effort.

The marine elements nourish the mind, soul & body, we go back to our daily routines with a new fresh start, however all that enjoyment comes with a price, sometimes headaches if you don’t have the right pieces.

Coastal living in tropical & humid places of the Earth has a direct impact on both constructions and furnishings, homeowners have an everyday battle with the elements, and they fight rust, mildew, salt, heat and sun.

There are no perfect materials that will withstand the elements for a life-time, yet we can find great products made with the right characteristics that will do wonders and make our life by the beach more enjoyable.

In a prior article I talked about how to choose patio furniture that will work in extreme weather, I thought this was a good time to review some insights especially in view of our twelve years we have been selling outdoor furnishings.

As you well know I moved from another resort destination before I settled in Puerto Peñasco, I lived and worked in Puerto Vallarta and all I can say about it is that Puerto Peñasco’s micro climate is much more salty and humid than even the tropics. While in Puerto Vallarta we can have natural wicker for example as patio furniture, here in Rocky Point you know that is not the way to go.

When I first started working here in Rocky Point, our customers then, were also learning about what would do in this extreme weather, they were sold ‘outdoor furniture’ for dry climates and eventually we all saw what was destined to happen… rust and corrosion.

I value very much headache free options, I always say to my customers that we have no complaints department, we sell for good! Over these twelve years we have had such a small number of returns or warranty issues, that is not even half 1% of our sales! And yes, sometimes those options are not the least expensive yet they’re worth your money.

I got inspired to write about this subject again a few days ago, when I went back to do a painting job at a rental unit we had furnished and decorated nine years ago, this specific unit is in the rental pool, so it not only gets the normal use but also has to withstand the abuse.

We have been very confident about the lines of furniture we recommend so naturally, I wanted to check what the outdoor furniture looked like, and as expected every piece of furniture almost looks intact, cushions need to be replaced, teak arms need a lit of bit of oil but aside from that the elements have done nothing to these pieces!

Over the years I have searched for the right products. I know wrought iron has a special attraction in other places of the world and it’s very tempting to try to replicate those scenes on our balconies here, but wrought iron simply doesn’t work.

Another product that has been very popular is cast aluminum, as its name suggests, in order for this kind of aluminum to be heavy and have the looks of wrought iron, it needs to be alloyed with other metals that will eventually corrode or rust.

Even though cast aluminum is powder coated, paint can start peeling off over a little scratch or minor dent due to falls, I just learned even windex due to ammonia damages this kind of product and makes it corrode, believe me, it is not beautiful to see your chairs or tables starting to be covered in a white powder!

Fortunately you can have them repainted but chances are that story is going to be repeated, something we have to warn you against. Buy it if that is what you like the most but keep in mind the consequences.

Then what is the product I was talking about that has lasted in various homes more than a decade? High end extruded aluminum frames wrapped around in hand-woven resin.

This kind of furniture besides being beautifully manufactured stands extreme heat or extreme cold, designs vary from the traditional tropical looks to ultra-modern.

I love the deep seating options to lounge or simply enjoy your reading or favorite drink, some designs are so perfect that the same techniques to make regular indoor furniture are used to make them. For example what we designers know as Pirelli webbing if it is used for an outdoor chair or sofa, it definitely adds a more relaxing and luxuriant feel.

As far as foam is concerned our products are now being manufactured with the latest technology called reticular foam. Reticulated foam is a very porous, low density solid foam, which does not retain water or humidity, on the contrary it lets water go through and the rest of it evaporates faster than with most common foam.

Another important factor is the fabric to cover cushions, pillows and mattresses. There are different options out there to be used “outdoors”, I stick to Sunbrella® material, again, it is not the cheapest fabric but it certainly does what is supposed to do, stand the elements.

Pricing for outdoor furniture varies. Aluminum comes in different gages, the thicker and better quality the more durable, the lesser the thickness the cheaper both in price and quality, we take pride in what we sell, whoever knows us will say we sell items that become family heirlooms, we would love for you to know us and be as happy with your purchase and life in the outdoors as many other savvy homeowners here in Puerto Peñasco.

If you are shopping for marine graded furnishings, stop by our showroom, we are confident you will fall in love with more than one collection.

Written by Eddie Wharez® Owner and Desinger at Diseñose Casa y Jardín. You can reach us at our most current address on Rodeo Dr. (Old Cholla Rd.) next to Farmacia del Mar and in front of Consuelo’s Arts & Crafts. USA 6023249328 MX (638) 383-8633 eddiewharez@yahoo.com