“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

May every day of 2015 be your best day!

We are starting the year with much enthusiasm about life and new goals. We have lots to work toward in the months ahead and just as everybody else has their goals, I am sure you have yours, many of which I am sure involve our beloved town of Rocky Point.

As part of our voluntary efforts, we’ll continue working with the LGBTTTI Alliance of Information and Support in Puerto Peñasco and also with the Human Rights Commission both locally and in the city of Hermosillo.

Professional photography has been with me ever since I came to Puerto Peñasco and it will continue to be an important part of my relaxation time. Photography is also a business venture where I make the food from the restaurants which are my clients, look fantastic! The people I photograph use their pictures for personal or business profiles, and for all their marketing done through social media.

I am sure we will have another Photo exhibit like we did in 2014, stay tuned amigos!

We are sure our new ventures will take off and grow to serve other needs: Regal-Arte®, gifts for every occasion; Dinners by the Sea®, offering private moments with great company and excellent food and ambiance…and some others I will let you know in our future articles.

January is a great month for Diseños Casa y Jardín especially since we celebrate our 12th anniversary in business here in Puerto Peñasco serving our clients. Also, this month, for a third year in a row, Eddie Wharez® Diseños Casa y Jardín will celebrate our anniversary with a public contest to recognize the outstanding work of our local artists.

The “Eddie Awards” recognized artistic talent in 2014 in the following categories:

1. Lifetime (open to artists or cultural promoters 50+ with proven development in the arts. May be awarded posthumously).

2. Open Category – open to any artistic discipline in the following subcategories: Individual Youth (under 25), Consolidates Artist (25+), Groups.

3. Social Network Award (decided by the public through ‘likes’) voting only on the Facebook page Eddie Wharez® Diseños Casa y Jardín en Puerto Peñasco.

4. Outside contributor to arts and culture in Puerto Peñasco (may include instructors, workshop leaders, and any outside artist who visited the port to perform/instruct/exhibit during 2013 while providing a positive impact on our port).

5. Artisan of the year. There has always been a fine line between what it means to be an artist and an artisan, well if you think a person doesn’t qualify as an artist yet he/she is creating crafts worth being recognized then nominate that person! (Open to any age and discipline)

Nominations: New nominations for artists will be accepted Jan. 2 – 14, 2015 on the Facebook site Eddie Wharez® Diseños Casa y Jardín en Puerto Peñasco. A group of judges decide on the prizes with exception of the Social Network Award.

Participants may be originally from Puerto Peñasco or those who have resided here for a minimum of 2 years (does not pertain to Outside Artist category), who have been active in any artistic discipline or cultural promotion of Puerto Peñasco during 2014. Previous winners are excluded.

The Eddie’s Gala will be held on Jan. 17, 2015, at the blue building right in front of our store on Rodeo Drive or Old Cholla Bay. This is a public invitation. You are welcome to join us both by nominating whoever you think deserves recognition and also by coming to our party that night.

Please feel free to bring people with you. Last year we had about 250 in attendance!

Come spend a great night with friends and family, some artists volunteer to show us their art, they even donate some of the work to be raffled among the audience! Be prepared for a night of great talent for the enjoyment of everybody.

Last year’s ‘Eddies’ went to Guillermo Munro Palacio, Jesusa Gamboa, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, Gaby Solís (From Luis and Gaby), Agua de Coco, Yuvid Castro, Shandra Keesecker and the team of Rocky Point 360.

We start right on time, there is no dress code yet there will be lots of pictures taken we may use your photo for one of our full page ads! Entrance is free, you can call us to reserve a seat if you want, but don’t expect a printed invitation.

See you at the Eddies!

Written by Eddie Wharez®