chiropractorDr. Shelly Persad is to the rescue, and she’s not just any regular chiropractor. She recently moved to Rocky Point and you can find her crack-a-lackin’ over at La Spa in the Sonoran Spa.

But before we go any further, let’s get something straight besides your spine – Dr. Shelly isn’t the typical snap, crackle, and pop kind of chiropractor. She takes pride in her gentle, light-touch techniques that restore your body’s ability to heal itself. She has taken care of those as old as one-day-old and those as young as 95-years-young in her practice in Scottsdale to her practice in Portugal to the mission trips she served on in Morocco, Japan, the Caribbean, Spain, Costa Rica and Brazil.

Dr. Shelly specializes in an approach called Bio-Geometric Integration, among many other techniques such as Active Release Technique, Activator, Drop Table, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Webster’s Technique for pregnant women, Kinesiotaping, extremity adjusting, and the traditional adjustment that many associate chiropractors with. She addresses not just your spine, but everything attached to your spine from head to toe. Every adjustment is tailored specifically to your body’s needs. Be prepared to spend 5 – 30 minutes on her table.

Don’t wait until you are in pain to go see Dr. Shelly though – as you go through life, you encounter physical stress (trauma, falls, car accidents), chemical stress (toxins, processed foods, pollution), and mental stress (negative thoughts, worries, fear). When your body is functioning at its optimum state, it has the ability to adapt, and stress may go unnoticed. Stress that builds up over time turns into chronic stress which manifests as disease, pain, and symptoms. Getting adjusted only when you have pain means your body is no longer able to adapt to life’s daily stressors.

You probably don’t like static on the telephone when you’re trying to have a conversation with someone, right? Well, your body doesn’t like it either. That phone static is interference (due to stress) in the communication pathway between your brain and your body. Since your brain controls the function of every organ, tissue, and cell in your body through the nervous system, any interference along that communication pathway in the form of tight muscles, pinched nerves, and locked up spinal bones diminishes the message from your brain to your body. For example, interference along the nerve pathway to your lungs equates to asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and other lung problems. Having a body free of stress is required for optimal health.

chiroNot only does Dr. Shelly focus on making your body function better, she also offers stress reduction techniques, fitness/nutritional counseling and relationship coaching to help you eliminate all of the stressors in your life that may be affecting your body. Want more? Head over to Amazon and get a copy of her recently published book, ‘The Energy of Happiness.’

Health is wealth! Without it, you can’t enjoy life! And the reason you live in Rocky Point is to enjoy life, right? Contact Info: Mexican Cell: (044-638) 386-1306 US Cell: (480) 263-3242

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