“When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it’s hard to feel sad.”

―Kristan Higgins

As you may know by now, we no longer are at our location of almost ten years, we moved to the heart of Rodeo Drive, next to the only pharmacy (Del Mar) where all the action is. Walking tourists get a taste for what we carry and they can take their favorite art pieces, furniture or unique accessories with them.

In all honesty we haven’t finished unpacking, some of you came to the store to let me know they missed our article and have seen only half of what the store is going to be.

Once we are ready we’ll announce the grand opening so you can joins us a for a fun night. Our new location is different yet it has its own charm, you are going to love it as much as we do.

Our most frequent customers very likely have met our ‘sales dog’, her name is Cherry, some friends from Las Conchas told us back in January about a dog needing a home since its owner couldn’t take care of it. As we later found out, this poor girl was lacking a home indeed, she had been abused and needed all the love we could give her!

Erick and I just fell in love with her and named her Cherry since she came to be the cherry on top we were looking for! She’s quiet and loving, greets and kisses customers when they arrive at our store.

Not too long after we adopted her I caught her looking at herself on the mirror, it was as if she was reflecting upon the positive changes in her life! What a great kodak moment!

However as busy as we are, and only being one year old, Cherry managed to get pregnant and on the last 4th of July she gave birth to seven little blossoms!

In case you may want to meet her this coming month, she is enjoying her maternity leave taking care of her pups in the comfort of our home.

I’m sure there’s more to tell about her story and of her puppies. So this story is to be continued…

As part of the Puerto Peñasco LGBTTI Alliance we took part of the second Pride parade in Hermosillo last June. Since there were going to be more dogs in the parade, Cherry went with us. We had a great time supporting the event even when we had lots of rain that day!

Rocky Point keeps changing and so are we. Our goal is to be here for you, offering the best in furnishings, interior design, art, unique accessories from all over the world as a matter of fact: global artifacts…

We are also consistently working on photography, Dinners by the Sea® -catering – and Regal-Arte® as part of E&E Enterprises.

Please feel free to stop by our shop, join us for a glass of wine or simply enjoy browsing through one of the jewels of Puerto Peñasco.

Written by Eddie Wharez®

Owner & interior designer at Diseños Casa y Jardín on Rodeo Drive

Tel. 63838 38633 Cel. 6383840066 and from the USA 602 324 9328