Last month I told you about our Annual Cabalgata (July Pg. 10). This month I will talk about something which we will all need sometime during the year, when we get sick from a simple cold or something more serious such as diabetes, allergies, heart problems, etc. I am talking about drugs or medications.

Here in Puerto Peñasco we have many pharmacies, but today I will like to talk about one in particular, and that would be Farmacias de Descuento. You might have seen them around town or you have visited them.

Super Farmacia de Descuento started in Sonoyta in October of 2000. This is where they opened their first pharmacy, so they will be celebrating their 15th anniversary really soon.

Talking with the owner and founder Mr. Emilio Alejandro Aguirre about the pharmacies, he tells me that he saw the necessity of the people of Sonoyta to obtain quality medicines and at an affordable price. He decided to open his own pharmacy, a year later he extended to Rocky Point and opened a pharmacy in the center of town.

Now they have 6 pharmacies in Rocky Point, and he has bilingual personnel in 4 of them (On Blvd. Fremont, in the center of town, on Constitucion across from Ley Supermarket, and on Blvd. Benito Juarez). He also tells us how his business has generated jobs. Last month he also extended to Caborca and will soon be opening more pharmacies in San Luis Rio Colorado.

Farmacia de Descuento recommends extreme caution when buying medicines. As there have been cases where other pharmacies have sold customers false products. Farmacia de Descuento has excellent quality medicines. Their stock comes from well-known national and international laboratories which meet the highest quality standards, and are under the supervision of COFEPRIS (Federal Commission for the protection against sanitary risks).

And, before I forget, let me tell you that I buy my medications from them. One of the medicines I take is Flextrin, which is glucosamine with chondroitin which helps my joints, and even tho I am not a doctor, I fully recommend them.

And speaking about doctors, Farmacia de Descuento also has a doctor on staff that is 100% trustworthy, and is available at the pharmacy located in the center of town (next to Electrica Veel). So, if you live or you are vacationing in Rocky Point and you need your prescription filled, please give them a visit.