Comunidad Educativa Cima was started 15 years ago in Puerto Peñasco with the goal of offering more than what the local public schools had available. That idea is still alive today as Cima offers local students and the children from the United States and Canada one of the most well rounded educations available in Rocky Point. Starting in preschool and kindergarten, and continuing in elementary and middle school, this education goes beyond the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic and exposes the students to a wide array of topics and activities including camping trips, public speaking opportunities, field trips, chess clubs, math competitions, environmental awareness, junior senator debates, etc. Cima’s mission is to create well rounded, bilingual leaders who are ready to face the challenges presented to them in high school, college and beyond. Their former students have been well prepared by the education they have received at Cima and have gone on to be accepted in universities and colleges both in Mexico and the United States.

In addition to the academic focus of the school, Cima also focuses on personal development. They believe their students need and deserve a kind, open, accepting environment where they develop a sense and willingness to help one another. There are so many challenges facing young children in this world today including drugs, teen pregnancy, bullying, etc. so they believe a strong, close-knit community helps nurture their students and provides the type of environment necessary to perform at high academic levels and develop trust and friendships among their classmates as well as the ability to make good choices in their lives.

Cima has always incorporated a high level of English education in its curriculum. The excitement to learn English can be seen every year in Cima’s annual spelling bee for both the elementary and middle school students. Cima’s goal is that all of their students have a functioning level of English as this is a skill that will be with them all their lives and is very useful in the local community given the large number of English speaking visitors.

This year Cima is celebrating their 15th anniversary and will be having events and activities throughout the year including a Gala dinner in April with current students, past graduates and their families. There are more choices now for the education of your children here in Rocky Point and Cima is aware of that. They appreciate the trust the parents have given them to provide one of the most important gifts you can give a child and that is the ability and desire to learn. Cima takes that responsibility seriously and also does it at a lower cost than most of the other private schools allowing more families the ability to provide a superior education to their children.

Although many of the classes are full and class sizes are kept relatively small compared to the public schools, Cima is always accepting new students. Prospective students can visit the school with their parents at any time and meet the staff and students and tour the facilities. You can contact Cima at (011-52- 638) 383-1854 or on Facebook at Comunidad Educativa Cima.