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“The Cherry on Top Story”

As you may know by now, we no longer are at our location of almost ten years, we moved to the heart of Rodeo Drive, next to the only pharmacy (Del Mar) where all the action is. Walking tourists get a taste for what we carry and they can take their favorite art pieces, furniture or unique accessories with them.

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Miradas de amor – photo exhibition by Eddie Wharez

Last August over 200 people got together at our gallery and design center Diseños Casa y Jardín for a special night. As a photographer I have had my work on display permanently at our store and there have been some occasions I have taken part in collective exhibitions. I must tell you, I wanted to take part in a very important landscape photography contest but I needed to have a formal exhibition of my own to meet the criteria.

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Diseños Casa y Jardín

Diseños Casa y Jardín has been open for eleven years so far, during this time, we have seen good and bad times, we have been busy and we have been very quiet, however we are a company with a deep sense of social responsibility. As you know we have a strong commitment with the community of local artists in Puerto Peñasco, in the last years we have held three different contests, one to find our current company logo and two to recognize the outstanding performance of certain talents.

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Local Chamber of Commerce (CANACO)

Last May 24th, a handful of members of CANACO (Cámara Nacional de Comercio) traveled to Phoenix for a special meeting. The chamber was invited by the Costco Business Center to visit their facilities. As vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, I found the meeting very productive since it allows members of Canaco in Puerto Peñasco additional benefits in their membership with Costco.

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