“February days are a marketing gimmick; love happens every day.”

~ Randeep Hooda

The closing of the year couldn’t have been better! We even had Santa Claus over at the store for the holidays!

Diseños Casa y Jardín, as part of E&E Enterprises®, dedicated the last part of the year to take Santa Claus to different places in town.

The holidays began with a Christmas semi-truck light parade. On it were more than twenty of my students, Santa Claus, his elf and a couple of Christmas trees while we drove over the main streets in town along with the (Universidad del Desarrollo Profesional) UNIDEP’s yearly Christmas parade. We had lots of fun indeed!

We were busy over the holidays, especially the part of our business specializing in making Christmas ornaments, gift-wrapping and setting up of Christmas trees for both homes and businesses. All those activities made Erick and I think about one way other we could make some families have a great memory of the holidays.

Since we got the photography equipment we simply put together a plan on Facebook called “Time to Help” in which families brought their children to be photographed with Santa Claus and get their family photo for the season. They also got some candy and enjoyed some laughs. Yet the more important aspect of it was that they had to bring a gift for a child in need, so during Christmas Eve we made our way to some homes, and Santa Claus delivered the gifts we collected. Muchas gracias to all our clients and friends, from the children who received these gifts!

2015 will be full with new challenges, new clients, new projects and new adventures. At the time of writing this paper the Night of the Eddie hasn’t happened yet, so we are all stressed out to have everything in order for the most important occasion on our calendar. Also, it is our 12th anniversary to be open serving our customers here in Puerto Peñasco.

We are excited about all the other ventures we are going to be promoting this year. This month we are busy with Regal-Arte®, specialized in giftware and gift-wrapping. Another business we are busy with now and the months ahead is Dinners by the Sea®, catering dinners with all the glamour and décor of a high-end restaurant. (Call 602-324-93-28 from the US or in Mx 638-113-05-38 / 638-384-00-66 to make reservations)

E&E Productions® will start the year orchestrating the Eddie Awards 2015 and it is our goal to expand our services for Wedding Planning and other celebrations and productions.

By now you may know who won an Eddie, perhaps you joined us for the night and we want to thank you again on behalf of all my family and staff for being a happy customer and a friend who always supports our crazy endeavors!

The full report of the night of the Eddie will be in the March edition.

Written by Eddie Wharez®