Thank you again for your continued business throughout the year. We just had our annual sale in September with great discounts (40 and 50% off) to show you how much we appreciate your patronizing us for all these years!

This time I would love to tell you the story of the picture for the ad this month, I would like to talk about how I became the owner of such a wonderful work painted by Guillermo Munro Colosio better known as Memuco.

Keeping myself busy is something I enjoy very much, however it sometimes keeps me from writing about some awesome events I’ve witnessed, take for example last year’s art exhibit called: Rise against extinction by Memuco.

Last year Memuco, a brilliant-Puerto-Peñasco son, brought from China where he lives some of his best works of art, all of them painted over recycled materials such as card boxes or pieces of wood. He also showed his work in L.A., San Diego and Hermosillo.

When you look at my photo on the current ad you notice in the painting behind me there is a woman, her name is “La Silenciosa” or “The Silent One” in English. She is the creation of Memuco and according to him she is the daughter of the well-known Catrina and the Nahual (an aztec deity with the ability to take both animal and human form).

The Silent One travels the world giving comfort to the endangered animals, she doesn’t talk to humans but she has the power to talk to, and understand animals. She is mostly portrayed as she is, crying for a species about to be extinct.

I had never met Memuco in person but I am very close to his father Don Guillermo Munro Palacio, a very well-known writer, painter, actor and artist himself, so it was during last year’s exhibit I had the privilege to say hi to him in person and give him the Eddie Award he had obtained according to the judges during our prior contest to recognize the outstanding performance of local artists.

He let all the audience see how he, for a couple of hours, executed his work of transforming a humble piece of old wood into a great creation where “La Silenciosa” would mourn for the vulnerable koala. The night was intense and busy, friends of Memuco who hadn’t seen him for years since he’s lived abroad for many years came to say, “Hi”, and at the end of the night this work of art was raffled off among the guest. Guess who was the winner of the night? Yes! I was very excited I could hardly believe my ears when the said my name!

I must confess that night I wasn’t feeling at my best, I went because that was something very special I couldn’t miss but I remember that night coming back home how I felt much better with a deep sense of gratitude.

“La Silenciosa” was for a brief time at Diseños Casa y Jardín but now it is where I will enjoy her the most: my home.

This month has really been hectic, I have taught two different classes, made a trip to Hermosillo to receive a special certification given to language teachers of French and English and I was surprised to learn when I got there that I was being the first professor in the State of Sonora to receive such a recognition!

Bacanora Grill has been growing with happy customers and of course we are more than happy and we are fully committed to make your visit a great culinary experience.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and don’t forget that during that weekend the store goes at 25% off.

There are more things to talk about but lines and time are limited so until next month we’ll continue to talk.

Written by Eddie Wharez® owner of Diseños Casa y Jardín your only 5-star-shopping-experience in Puerto Peñasco!