I am sure if you have lived in Puerto Peñasco for a while, by now you understand what the salty air can do to anything! From the building itself you live in to the smallest item you leave outside!

In our pursuit of beautiful sorroundings we are always looking how to decorate our outside walls, metal wall art? Perhaps? Some people might think if it is powder coated this should suffice but oh surprise it does not, you will find out it will look pretty for sometime but eventually it will rust away, some of my customers fall in love with some beautiful pictures, hang them outdoors just to realize soon after their precious piece of art is in decay!

Having seen that situation time and again and as you already know at Diseños Casa y Jardín we always strive to do our best to please our customers both with high quality goods, functional and smart designs and avant-de-garde products from all over the world, at this time I am pleased to inform you we are distributing one of a kind hand-painted-murals specially designed for a great outdoor sea-side living; these murals are made up of tiles that are fired insuring they will not fade or be damaged by water. They can be customized to meet your needs as far as tile colors, designs and edge tile is concerned. They are fired in the USA and Italian and Mexican ceramic tiles are used, which come in numerous colors, allowing to mix colors on a single mural to create a lively and different look.

Come by to see them! We have some beach, desert and tropical related themes in colors that will blend with pretty much any décor and of course you can create your own!

Do you remember last month’s article? Are you any of those dissapointed clients that arrived to our store to get a sign just to realize the article had brought so many people to buy those signs that we didn’t have enough of the one you had liked best? Maybe this is your chance to have those words kilned onto the tile work of your preference and have them last for a lot longer!

Please stop by to say hi and see for yourself the beauty of our selection in furnishings, accesories and gifts!
You can visit us online at www.eddiewharez.com or look us up on Facebook to see our latest inventory!