Here are answers to another batch of questions I got from people who want to squeeze the most enjoyment out of their time in Rocky Point.

Q: Can I bring my dog to the beach?

A: After a few beers, your girlfriend will look like everyone else.

Q: Excuse me?

A: Oh, wait. You’re talking about a real animal-type dog? Of course, you can bring it to the beach. To avoid border quarantine issues, take the dog’s rabies shot records with you. And be advised you may encounter ownerless dogs roaming the streets, so either keep a close eye on your pet or, better yet, have a leash handy if strange animals show up. One more thing, few people enjoy stepping in dog poop on the beach, so do NOT bury it, but pick it up and toss it in a trash can.

Q: Are there 99 Cents stores in Rocky Point?

A: You won’t find any stores selling stuff for one price, but there are a number of interesting deep-discount variety stores. The most popular are Numeros, Salmos and Rocky Imports. They are great places for cheap tools, tableware, toiletries, beach toys and much more. If they don’t have it, you don’t need it.

Q: Can I spend US dollars in Rocky Point, or do I have to get my vacation money changed to pesos?

A: Dollars are good everywhere, and most retail stores automatically calculate the exchange rate at the register. At restaurants and bars the exchange rates aren’t always current, so I prefer to pay in pesos. While there are a number of cambios (money exchange places) in Rocky Point, I typically use the one near the first Pemex station on the right after you cross the border in Sonoyta. At the end of your stay, if you have pesos left over, either keep them for the next time around or visit the cambio and change them back to dollars.

Q: Is that new store on the main street when I drive into town really a Walmart?

A: For all intents and purposes, yes. The store is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a company headquartered in Mexico City that trades under the name Walmex. The same people who own Walmart in the States have a 31% interest in Walmex. The packaged food and general merchandise selection is good, as are the bakery and meat departments, but you won’t find exactly the same products as Walmart back home. However, you’ll be happy to know the customers in Rocky Point’s Walmart will be dressed better.