Last August over 200 people got together at our gallery and design center Diseños Casa y Jardín for a special night. As a photographer I have had my work on display permanently at our store and there have been some occasions I have taken part in collective exhibitions. I must tell you, I wanted to take part in a very important landscape photography contest but I needed to have a formal exhibition of my own to meet the criteria.

So, along with Cine Club Primera Toma, A. C. we set the date and followed the established protocol for my first photography exhibit entitled “Miradas de Amor” (“Loving Stares”) a name giving a deserved tribute to a very special person in my life.

“Miradas de Amor” was an exhibit of both printed photographs and a digital display. Most of the images belong to my dear eleven-year-old-album called “The Beauty of Rocky Point” yet I did include some images from Caborca, Álamos and Puerto Vallarta.

The whole show consisted of 121 digital photographs projected on a screen, twenty-six printed pictures and three more done in canvas, out of which two were borrowed from their new owners (Pan E Vino has one and the other belongs to a private collectionist).

My work has evolved through the years; it started with a silent and respectful contemplation of nature and its constant changes of what I call “its moods”. I have photographed the horizon time and again and no sunset is ever the same! The seasons throughout the year play a major role in what we see in front of our eyes!

The first title for the exhibit that came to my mind was something like “Stop and smell the roses” because that is how most of the pictures were taken, it required no planning beyond always carrying a camera with me.

Everything started years ago when my mother taught us children to stop and take the time to contemplate and enjoy what was right in front of us, say a sunset, a full moon, the stars in the sky, a small insect carrying a heavy load, etc.

Mother made sure we were taking in the color, the smell, the texture and the taste of nature and of life itself. So, needless to say “Loving Stares” or “Miradas de Amor” was a tribute offered to my mother for this great heritage given to me and that I now pass on to my children and grandchildren.

It is being said that “You don’t take a photograph. You ask, quietly, to borrow it”. The only merit I can accept for these images is that I was at the right time and the right place to capture those great moments of magnificent artistry

Even though I do commercial photography (food, interior design and marketing) and personal & family portraits, photography of landscapes is what really gives me a true sense of accomplishment.

I keep myself very respectful of what I photograph and I try to render pictures as close as possible as the way my eyes saw them, I don’t edit these images for the human eye to see what only the camera can capture, I simply show what I find beautiful, intriguing or interesting in the pictures I share.

I thank each and every one who came to our first formal exhibition and for those who didn’t have the chance to attend; we let you know “Miradas de Amor” will remain on display at Diseños Casa y Jardín on Old Cholla Rd. for the full month of September.

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Written by Eddie Wharez®