BlancaValdezAll manner of delights await visitors to Puerto Peñasco – meeting new friends, swimming, sunset cruises, snorkeling with the sea lions at Bird Island, long walks on the beach, wonderful dining, quick stops at hot dog and taco spots, shops to browse for unique treasures, cocktails on beachside patios, spas where full head-to-toe body care is available, incredible sunrises and fantastic sunsets…the list goes on and on. Now there is a very attractive addition to that list – a therapeutic massage in your own home!

Many of us know how these wonderful Rocky Point relationships develop; over 14 years ago I told my cosmetologist that I’d really like to find a good massage therapist. She highly recommended her friend Blanca, a massage therapist. I was wowed – I’d never had such a great massage! Along the way Blanca opened a spa that was great, although it meant that I no longer had at-home massage service. When the spa, a victim of the downturn in the economy, was forced to close, Blanca realized that she had to expand her expertise in order to be recession-proof, and returned to school to become a physical therapist. I was sad to lose her, and so pleasantly surprised to learn she had returned!

Blanca Valdez has over 15 years’ experience as a certified massage therapist, and has been a certified physical therapist for more than 3 years. She works 3 mornings weekly at a local medical clinic, performing physical therapy prescribed by physicians, and teaching patients to manage their own care, by means of stretching and exercises, between treatments. As well, she visits patients in their homes, if they are unable to visit the clinic, for physical therapy treatments and continuing wellness evaluations.

Fortunately for us, Blanca has not abandoned massage. If a truly professional therapeutic massage sounds like the perfect addition to your visit to Paradise, give Blanca a call. She will arrive on time for your appointment – she is good at one time – with massage table and all the other tools of her trade in tow. Tell Blanca the type of massage you want, and if you have areas that need special attention – she is the best at taming sciatica, and does wonders with headaches too! A physician who practices in San Luis regularly drives to Puerto Peñasco for a therapeutic massage from Blanca, which indicates that we are indeed lucky to have her right here in our own town.

You might want to give Blanca a call at (638) 113-7813 (from the USA (011-52-1-638) 113-7813) to arrange an appointment for an in-home therapeutic massage by Blanca Valdez. Blanca speaks perfect English, and she does work weekends. You’ll return to real life more rested and relaxed than you have felt in a long time, which is one of the reasons we visit Paradise, right?