The Puerto Peñasco chapter of AMPI, the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals, in the interest of better serving the real estate clients in their area of influence, has established requirements for brokers and independent agents which are above the requirements for agents who work under the auspices of a brokerage. The thinking is that the broker/independent agent will be better educated, and will be able to guide and mentor the agents in his brokerage.

While many resources have been expended to help new agents acquire real estate licenses, and while all licensed agents, including brokers and independent agents, have attended licensure courses to satisfy state of Sonora license renewal requirements, there has been precious little education for brokers and independent agents (agents who work alone, rather than under the auspices of a brokerage).

AMPI Chapter 51 is very excited to announce the development of a course specifically for brokers and independent agents. The course will address business concerns, broker-agent relations, broker responsibilities, and specific areas of concern where brokers and individual agents have greater responsibility than if they were agents in a brokerage. It is expected that the course will satisfy renewal requirements for licensure, and that all current brokers, independent agents, and those who aspire to be brokers or independent agents will be required to take the course.

The 4-member Broker Education Task Team, charged with creating the new course, consists of Sarina Brown, Gretchen Ellinger, Maria Ituarte, and Robin Miller, who, collectively, bring diverse experience and qualifications to the team. Sarina Brown has been an avid real estate investor and agent since 1998, in Arizona, Baja California and now Puerto Peñasco. She is a real estate agent with Long Realty, and serves as AMPI VP of Communication. Gretchen Ellinger has worked in real estate in Puerto Peñasco since 2003, as both an agent and a broker. She is an agent with United Country Real Estate Mexico Advisors, and has served as AMPI VP of Education for the past 7 years, and was AMPI Chapter 51 President in 2013. Maria Ituarte is broker-owner of FERMAR Real Estate, is a home loan credit specialist, working with Infonavit, Banjercito, Fovissste and all types of bank credits, and is, as well, a Real Estate Closing Specialist. Robin Miller, designated broker for Mexico Real Estate and Document Services, has worked in real estate for nearly 10 years as both broker and agent, in Puerto Peñasco and Puerto Vallarta, and has served as AMPI Secretary and VP of MLS, as well as on various committees, in the past.

The Broker Education Task Team is soliciting suggestions – if you have an idea for something you think will help to make the class excellent, please contact Gretchen Ellinger by email at