A.M.P.I. Chapter 51, Puerto Peñasco

Excitement Abounds in Puerto Peñasco Real Estate

Can you feel the buzz? More visitors have come to Puerto Peñasco recently than in the past few years, and many shopkeepers, restaurant owners, and lodging agencies agree that business is better than in the past several years. Restaurants are busy, the beaches are full, business is good, or at least a whole lot better than in the recent past!

The same can be said for the real estate industry. As compared to a year ago, most realtors would agree that this year is much brighter. According to statistics from AMPI’s Multiple Listing Service, sales are up by 32% in the first 5 months of this year; 59 residential properties were sold January through May of 2012, and 86 were sold during the same months this year. On New Year’s Day 2013 there were 501 residential properties on the market, and that number was down to 468 on the 1st of May. These numbers don’t exactly represent a run on real estate, but they do indicate a trend toward increased sales and shrinking inventory, which will inevitably lead to higher prices. Buyers who were waiting for the market to “hit bottom” probably saw that happen – someone said, “The best time to buy real estate in Rocky Point was yesterday.”

The numbers will no doubt lead to another inevitable change…more people selling property! When sales are up, everyone wants to sell real estate! The State of Sonora requires real estate licensure of all people involved in the sale or leasing of property anywhere in the state, including Puerto Peñasco. AMPI, the national association of real estate professionals in Mexico, has been chosen by the state to provide education to real estate agents, clearly demonstrating the confidence placed in AMPI by the authorities of the State of Sonora. Further, all Associate Members of AMPI are automatically afforded membership in the National Association of Realtors in the USA, which further validates the esteem that AMPI has earned, and the value that AMPI brings to our community.

Approximately 50 AMPI member realtors have been here through the tough times, helping their clients with their real estate needs. In the face of severe market challenges, they have continued to serve the community, increase their professional education, support local charities, and promote Puerto Peñasco. Their AMPI membership holds them to a code of ethics, provides them with professional guidance when needed, and commits them to the constant elevation of their standards of practice, all of which work to the benefit of their clients.

Those considering buying or selling a property in Puerto Peñasco will want best service with best care for themselves and their transactions. To ask a realtor about his experience and whether s/he is a member of AMPI is a good first step to a rewarding real estate experience. AMPI membership is good for real estate professionals, good for our community, and is especially beneficial to our valued clients.