There’s nothing like going to the beach with your favorite pet in tow. You think kids like to catch a ball in the sand, try your favorite 4 legged friend.

Have you ever witnessed a dog smiling, (yes dogs do smile) after running fetch on the beach or playing in the waves. If you have, you know what I’m talking about. Like a small child, turning their face to the sun, a dog at the beach rolls around in the sand, surfs the waves and the dog days of summer are here.

Puerto Peñasco aka Rocky Point, unlike most beaches in the United States, does not have any American rules, such as no dogs allowed on the beach. Thank goodness. Yes, all dog owners still have to be respectful, pick their dogs litter up and keep them on a leash around others, but with our beautiful Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco there are wonderful places where Fido can roam free and happy as they were bred to do.

The best time of the day to take your dog out for a walk on the beach is early morning; you beat the crowds and have more freedom for play.

Here are a few must know rules about bringing your pup across the border. I know I’ve been called the rule follower before by my friends, but here are some rules you want to observe with your furry friend.

Top 5 rules you must know about bringing a dog to Rocky Point.

  1. First and foremost you must bring your dog’s papers (current rabies vaccination certificate) with you across the border. This is going in to Mexico. Electronic will not work; they have to be paper so they can make a copy of it. I know this with my last trip into Rocky Point and my friend from Colorado brought her very large, very beautiful dog Ranger. She had the papers from the Vet on her IPAD, but she had to go back to the gas station at the border and get it printed out for $ 10.00. The border checked for this even with a green light, so do not enter Mexico without your dog’s rabies vaccination papers, you might have to turn around and go home depending on the time of day. The current rule is no more than 2 dogs but I have known friends who bring 3…
  2. You must check with the condo, hotel or private residence you are staying at to see if they allow dogs. Don’t get confused if you see dogs on the property and assume you can bring a dog, some condo HOA’s will only allow owners to have dogs not guests of owner, and they will not allow you stay there if you have a dog even if the owner allows it. Trust me on this one. If you are a condo owner appeal to your HOA to relook at their pet policy on guest of owners having pets, if owners allow it. I have several friends with well-behaved animals who would love them to bring their dog and share my home, but I can’t. In the US there are so many beautiful resorts, hotels etc. with dog friendly rules (Westin, Starwood resorts even Vegas offers several options at exclusive Cosmopolitan resort) and pet owners are looking for nice places that will allow pets. This might set your condo complex above the rest for renters.
  3. Keep your dog on a leash and in your sight at all times. Many dogs are lost in Rocky Point each year as they are not familiar with their surroundings. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar, preferably with a tag that has your phone number and keep a picture of him in case the worst happens.
  4. Check out for pet friendly accommodations and also check out the Pet friendly hotels:

Baja hotel,

Hotel Vina Del Mar

Seaside Beach Home Rentals

Bella Vista Condo email

Casa De Carolina email

  1. Walk your dog on the beach, throw the ball, have fun…but be respectful of others and make sure your dog is not running lose on the beach, scaring children or licking a sunbathers ear, and of course ALWAYS pick up…


Quick list of what to bring with you, beside your dog:

Food, bowls, leash, plastic bags for pick up, rabies papers and a ball if Fido fetches.

Rocky Point is an easy weekend escape, being able to bring your family pet along on your mini vacation, takes all the worry about pet sitting. If your resort accommodations do not allow a dog, there is also a new Doggie day care, pet sitting business you might want to check out.

This new 2013 business Rocky Pet Hotel and spa just opened, it offers pet grooming, dog walking, boarding, doggie day care, vacation packages for longer stays and even veterinary services. If you wish to know further information on Rocky Pet Services you can reach them at or call local number (638) 102-0585, they have bi-lingual staff to assist you.

OK, now that you have options for Fido, plan a trip to Rocky Point and bring the whole family including the family dog.

Number one way life would be different if dogs ran the world: All motorists must drive with head out window.

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