We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

~Walt Disney

Where has an entire month gone by? As usual I sit down to write my monthly contribution all stressed out because as there is always too much to do and too little time.

I must tell you last month’s article about the humongous mosaic mirror brought so many great conversations and some developed into great ideas and new projects. I can see new clients feeling even more confident than ever in trusting us with their homes and dreams.

Some changes are happening at the heart of our company and you will be a witness of some of these, to name a few for example, we are going to be moving part of our current store closer to the center of Old Cholla road, Barbara Iverson from “Su Casa” encouraged me to think of all the walking traffic I miss because most people don’t walk all the way down where the store is now.

By the time you read this paper, we are going to be in the middle of moving right next to Farmacia del Mar, Vicky who manages the pharmacy and Consuelo from across the street have been very helpful and we all are looking forward to great days helping customers accomplish their dream home.

Having two locations will also help us with our other endeavors: Dinners by the Sea® ~ Private catered dinners, E&E Photography® and E&E Exceptional Events® ~ Event/Wedding planning.

April & May have been very great months already, I personally have also made some changes to my daily routine, I didn’t tell you before but back in March I went to to apply for what is going to be my second carreer, Psycology. For that I had to go to the nearest campus of UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) in Ensenada, I passed the entrance exam and here I am going to school again! It means time, travel and study, yet so far I’m loving it.

One of the things I had to drop to accomplish this new dream of mine was Bacanora Grill, the year I was there gave me an awesome experience, I served my customers in another way for which I am very grateful. The restaurant business is still in my blood but I had to make a pause at least for a little while, once I have managed my study time better I may go back to the hospitality industry.

Perhaps you remember in past issues I commented about my participation in CEDO’s board of advisers (Intercultural Center for the study of Deserts and Oceans) well, last April, Lorenzo Cuadras and I were sent to La Paz for a specialized seminar on Non-Profit organizations (NGO) while we learned lots of things to be applied locally here in Puerto Peñasco, we got to see firsthand what is being accomplished in that area of the Baja along the Sea of Cortes, one particular organization is the Whale Museum, which will be opening its doors to the public soon, if you visit La Paz, make sure you visit this great place located right on the boardwalk.

Francisco Gómez, chief executive director, gave us a private tour and explained how in perhaps just a few years this museum will be comparable to the Historic Whaling Station Museum in Australia!

At the end of April we enjoyed a wonderful Día del Niño with children in Unidep, the University where I teach, and we spent 5 de Mayo weekend in two great events, Young Life at Plaza La Madre and Top Chef at the Shrimp Plaza. We as a business enjoy & support these events that give life to our town, give to the ones in need and give something fan to do to locals and tourists alike.

And last but not least, we attended again the Chinelos dance on May 3rd in the colonia behind our store, it was fun, full of hospitality. According to Wikipedia, “Chinelos are a kind of traditional costumed dancer which is popular in the Mexican state of Morelos, parts of the State of Mexico and the Federal District of Mexico City, especially the boroughs of Milpa Alta and Xochimilco. The tradition arose from the blending of indigenous and Catholic traditions, most notably Carnival, with its permission to be masked and to mock. Chinelos mock Europeans and European mannerisms from the colonial period up to the end of the 19th century. The Chinelos tradition is strongest in Morelos, especially around Carnival, but Chinelos now appear at other festivities such as Independence Day celebrations, private parties and more.”

Please stay tuned, as we report on more activities of our dear Puerto Peñasco, and as we continue sponsoring cultural and educational projects and as Henry Ford puts it: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

See you next month!

Written by Eddie Wharez®

Owner of Diseños Casa y Jardín – Furniture & Interior Design Gallery.

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