January 2013 is here! Welcome to a new year!  Let us all have an excellent year for both our families and business!

Let us welcome more visitors this year than we did last year!

For Diseños Casa y Jardín, 2012 was a great year of learning how to do business in a still weak economy, which pushed us to the limit of finding even more creative ways to meet your needs as our customers.

“When the student is ready, the master appears” says a Buddhist proverb, be the master a person or a situation you come across. During 2012 learning was a constant through the entire year; from February to December the Film Club “Primera Toma” (“First Take”) organized different workshops on Film Making, Creative Writing and Drama. Diseños Casa y Jardín was involved as a sponsoring business, and I was a student in all of them! The Film Club is directed by Mrs. Nina Mier and her husband Socorro González, both literature graduates from the University of Sonora.  Nina has been, for many years, a hard working promoter for local artists here in Puerto Peñasco, a sterling example of love for the Arts and the Artists. Nina’s work has afforded me the opportunity of meeting many more ingenious people living in Rocky Point. That was great, especially since my business is all about finding imaginative and aesthetic solutions to my customer’s homes decorating and functional problems.

As the coordinator of the “Programa de Desarrollo Cultural Municipal de Sonora”, a non political program involving federal, state, city government and local citizens, I was completely surprised to see the teenager’s response to all these workshops. I met young film directors, actors, actresses and writers in the making! I also met others, not so young but very energetic people, that work really hard in their field promoting our city to the best of their ability. Just to mention one of many examples: Rocky Point was blessed with the visit of a world tour of Tibetan monks in what was called Mystical Arts of Tibet. A once-in-a-life experience!

I suppose everything I’ve had the chance to experience in 2012 has served as a source of inspiration for more ideas to be explored in 2013. We’ll begin with the first one right away this month of January 12, you are invited. In reality we, as a gallery and interior design center, are not too far from the arts, as a matter of fact, someone who walks into Diseños Casa y Jardín for the first time soon realizes, the store is a home for the human spirit of creativity of many artisans from all over the world. In 2013 we want to continue serving you and helping you to find in every piece of  furniture or accessory, something to always treasure, enjoy or simply look at, day in and day out. While I was writing this note, I was pondering why humans need art. Each one of us has his answer, art is very personal, and it touches our human spirit in a very unique way. It helps us express what otherwise we find impossible to say.

Art makes us complete human beings, it’s cathartic, and as a result, it heals us. Art also unifies communities by making us tell & understand our shared history, keeping us all connected. It is with great pleasure to announce that Diseños Casa y Jardín by Eddie Wharez® will have the first edition of the Outstanding Performance Award of the year the evening of  Saturday January the 12 at our facilities on Old Cholla Rd.

In the month of December 2012, through social media, we launched the terms for which this award was to be obtained, friends and fans of our page “Eddie Wharez Diseños Casa y Jardín en Puerto Peñasco” on Facebook, submitted the name of the artist they thought deserving of such a prize, then a group of judges would select the winner, his or her name will be given at our  Eddie’s Awards Gala 2013. All kinds of arts are included such as sculpture, theatre, dance, music, literature and poetry but not limited to the classic ones, so long the artist had a distinctive performance during 2012 and highlighted Puerto Peñasco as his or her town.

Once more muchas gracias for being our happy customer’s and salud for 2013, may all your dreams and goals all come true!

Written by Eddie Wharez®

Owner and interior designer of Diseños Casa y Jardín