Just when we thought cruise ships couldn’t get any more humongous, luxurious and fantasy-laden (like, where are they going to dock those veritable floating cities?), the latest builds reveal that new technology and creativity can combine to blow the mind even more than we thought possible.

Hugeness continues with the size of mega-vessels now inching past each other by meters in length, square footage of cabins, total capacity and, oh yes, amenities, activities and entertainment.

From water slides that spiral ten decks downward into giant champagne glass bowls to zip lines that traverse hundreds of meters across the ship—that’s right, hundreds of meters as the latest ship just launched in Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class of mega ships is the Harmony of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world at 362.15 meters in length (395 yards—1185 feet) which also boasts entertainment that includes full Broadway shows, bigger than life visual experiences through interactive moveable walls to completely robot operated bars and up to seven themed neighborhoods spanning multiple decks with fully operating carousels…and much, much more.

This graphic of the first Oasis Class ship, Oasis of the Seas (2.15 meters shorter than the Harmony), will give you a comparison of its colossal size!

These are interesting, fun facts about how high technology, unleashed imagination and seemingly fathomless budgets have taken the cruise experience to heights heretofore undreamed of. But how do they relate to Puerto Peñasco infrastructure needs and plans?

Perhaps they give us a heads up on how much additional attention to detail we should put into the design of that infrastructure; to make creativity a major part of the contractor bid selection, encouraging bids from companies who can best and most creatively include the latest technology in their proposals that result in such things as unique lighting, dreamlike landscaping, signage, building design and every other aspect of the overall needs to prepare for a market of modern cruisers about to board a vessel full of surprising new adventures. Perhaps even more importantly, upon their return, to ease them back into reality so they are still motivated to make Puerto Peñasco their next land vacation choice.

Maybe we can’t compete with the surreal technology cruise passengers are being mesmerized with these days, but we could possibly give them a pleasant contrast by emphasizing the historic and natural beauty of our part of the “real” world in which they live.

In the meantime, under the category of first things first, let’s get caught up on what’s happening with the home port project:

Down by the Pier

Here’s the latest from our project insider, Wendy Winzer, Project Administrator of Home Port construction who tells us that the pier has now reached a length of 630 meters. It is taking longer to grow in length since they have reached the water depth of nine meters. They are also still shaping the existing jetty with new rock which they cover with the small one ton cubes so it will all stay in place.

They have poured around 13,000 small cubes (one ton size) and placed 6,000 of them on the jetty. There are almost 3,000 large cubes (10 tons) poured and waiting to be placed. They are expecting an even larger crane in about two weeks that will start placing the big cubes along the jetty. Rocks from the quarry are still being hauled and placed and they blasted Black Mountain again two weeks ago to loosen up more rocks. Wendy also happily informs us, “We have been very busy trying to keep up with our schedule which is going right on track!”

Wendy reports that she has been giving several interviews to TV, radio and newspapers. “It seems the word is really getting out there in a positive way, and with a little help from everyone we will try to give our small town a positive hope for the future,” Wendy says.

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Team, www.sonoranresorts.mx, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing.