“Everyone wants to be appreciated, so if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret” – ~ Mary Kay Ash

You probably already read about our Eddies Awards this last January, we happily fulfilled our expectations. The community’s reaction was phenomenal! Sixty-nine people in all were nominated and voted on by the public through our Facebook fan page.

Once nominations were closed, a five-person judging panel made up of individuals from the cultural environment in the Port, selected the remaining six categories along with three honorary mentions.

The awards evening was held on Sat. Jan. 18, at Terramar bar, and included an audience of over two hundred people, many of whom were standing throughout the ceremony.

The first prize, granted in the Youth Category (individual or group under 25) was presented to the promising visual artist Yuvid Castro by Karina De Alberti.

In the category of Cultural Promoter, Monica Hammeken presented the award to Shandra Keesecker for her arduous work during 2013 in bringing two international film directors to Puerto Peñasco, along with musicians, and her tireless promotional work of other local events.

Salvador Abril of the Hermosillo branch of Diseños Casa y Jardín presented the Fan Favorite award to painter Gabriela Solís.

Award for Best Visiting Artist with the greatest impact on the city was granted by the judges to Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers for drawing tourism to the area and for their social charitable efforts.

In the Group Category, the award was given to the very popular and active group “Agua de Coco”, presented by Guille Salazar.

Photographer Jesusa Gamboa was selected as Best Artist, thanking everyone for the recognition as she received the award from Hiram Peña.

The final award of the evening was the Lifetime Achievement Award, which went to Guillermo Munro Palacio for his lifetime of work in the world of art, film, literature and visual arts. Munro was greeted with much applause as Nina Mier presented him with the award.

The judging panel had also selected special honorary mentions: the first for Alan Munro for his intense work and music career nationally, an aditional honorary mention was announced for international model and Peñasco native Reyna Leyva; the third honorary mentions was for Guille Salazar as the “Eternal Princes” of carnaval activities for more than 30 years.

Nearly at the end of the evening, as the Event Director of the evening I granted a special award for which the judges took no part in it, it was a surprise for everyone in the audience. I explained the contest had fundamentally begun as a way to recognize artists who through their work have spread the name of Puerto Peñasco regionally, nationally or internationally. I went on to say the I knew a team of very talented individuals who offer a window to the world, which always presents the best face of our port. They offer a window full of cultural activity and positive news about what goes on in Rocky Point; then I announced that the Special Eddie Award was going to the website team of RockyPoint360.com for their extraordinary creative and promotional work of our beautiful port. This award was received by Plinio Rivero, Monica Hammeken, Susy Mazón, Ariel González and Shandra Keesecker.

The lively evening included musical performances by Veronica Fanco, Gleen Rivera, guitarist Joshua Ellis, Grupo Juvenil Safari, saxophonist Richard Scott, salsa group Agua de Coco, and poetry from Gastón Rochin.

Those in the attendance applauded some of the best in art and culture from our city while also taking part in raffles for art pieces donated by many of the artists.

It was a pleasant evening for all, one filled with generosity, unity, and applause. Many artists and artisans commented this will motivate them to continue working hard now in 2014.

As for Diseños Casa y Jardín, we are very happy we did it again, this second edition of the Eddies was beyond our dreams and creates higher goals for the future,  we have learned a lot and hope to be here many more years in the future with this project that brings some much appreciation to all our local artists.

Keep in your calendar for next year! Make sure next year you nominated or get nominated, or simply come and enjoy our program at our 2015 Eddie Awards Night!


Written by Eddie Wharez®