My family recently traveled to Puerto Peñasco / Rocky Point to visit me, and what a great weekend we had! They drove from southern California through San Luís Rio Colorado, down the new toll road to the Coastal Highway, and were amazed at the unusual and beautiful scenery; my aunt loved the desert vistas contrasted by the sea views and rugged cliffs near El Golfo de Santa Clara. Friday evening dinner at the Laguna Shores Beach Club restaurant was exactly what we have come to expect – cocktails expertly mixed, a delicious meal and friendly service, with a gorgeous sunset over the Sea of Cortes as a backdrop.
The highlight of Saturday, after a leisurely late breakfast and lots of chat over coffee, was a party with friends. Lots of people attended, the company and the food were wonderful, and a talented local musician named Irlando provided outstanding entertainment. Rocky Point seems to bring out the best in people; my family felt as if they were re-acquainting with old friends, rather than meeting them for the first time.

The Sea of Cortes is so beautiful, and the weather was so perfect, especially for late winter, that we decided we should get out on the water. We were able to secure reservations on the Eco Fun I for a whale-watching excursion, and were glad we did. The friendly crew of the Eco Fun I was very attentive, served drinks, chips and salsa, and veggies and dip, as well as provided blankets for those who needed another layer for warmth. The captain knew where to find the whales, and seeing them in the open sea was thrilling. Sea World is super, but seeing whales doing what whales do, in their natural environment, is an experience of a lifetime.
Rocky Point is blessed with many good restaurants, and we ended Sunday with shrimp and fish tacos at El Conchal, located on Boulevard Benito Juarez.  A breeze kicked up in the late afternoon, and the food is so good at El Conchal that we’d have sat outside, but we really enjoyed the new indoor seating. The tacos gobanadores – the “deluxe” tacos – and the flan de elote, which I have not seen anywhere else, were just delicious.

Everyone left early Monday morning, with coffee, fruit and burritos in hand. A weekend was all the time we had, and though it wasn’t enough, we have memories that will bring smiles for a long time. One of the best things about living in Rocky Point is that friends and family love to visit, so I can see them without leaving home, and there is LOTS to do while they are here! Moving here was a great idea – I’m glad I thought of it, and so are my friends and family!
The Beach Club restaurant at Laguna Shores is open daily from 8 to 8. Irlando the marimba player can be reached on his Mexican cell phone 638-107-9312. Call 603-635-3736 (USA) or 638-388-9699 (Mex) for information about excursions on the Eco Fun I. El Conchal is open daily except Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.