It is with great pleasure to write to you my dear readers again, time flies by and 2011 brought us many reasons to be happy about. Yes the economy has not been at its best yet we have managed to stay well and healthy ready to move on and make of this 2012 an even better year for our families, businesses and city.


Teaching runs through my blood and 2011 was the year to accomplish one my dearest goals I have had for years; after almost 14 years in teaching at different universities like University of Guadalajara and the local Technological Institute I was given the opportunity by Unidep (Universidad del Desarrollo Profesional established here in Peñasco) to be the leading professor to teach professionals on becoming better teachers and to be more acquainted with the use of technology and the newest techniques in making teaching something even more meaningful for the lives of our future professionals, so I was thrilled to see how many different professional answered the call for this course amongst who we had nurses, engineers, psychologists, accountants, teachers and graphic designers. I wish the best for them and their students in this 2012.


Winston Churchill said: “There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction”, change is most times stressful and we resist to it, however there is also something I  feel strongly about and that is intuition, I never stop having faith and our survival during this tough times prove that.


As you all know I attend international trade shows where I meet different artisans from far away countries, well 2011 was a challenging year to travel so to my surprise I received an invitation to attend the International Las Vegas Market Trade Show at the World Market Center for which the US Embassy through the Consulate in Tijuana was to pay for a 3-night-stay at the Hilton, meals included!!! I was not only invited to go the trade show  but to a very special conference to be delivered there by President Bill Clinton himself, so yes, I felt vey special indeed, one because my store was chosen as a business worth the sponsorship and two because it was also an honor granted to my loved town Puerto Peñasco.


In October, Peñasco welcomed the International Cervantino Festival which originated in the state of Guanajuato, we had a full weekend dedicated to the exhibition of the best in dance, paint, photography, sculpture and so forth, the city asked me to embelish a small area at the local museum to interview artists, singers and writers where Nina Mier, the most knowledgeable lady of the arts in town and I hosted what we called the Island of Art.


How much do you enjoy seafood? Which restaurants do you like best? For those who were here for the weekend prior to Thanksgiving, we had The SeaFood Festival, CANIRAC (Chamber of Restaurant Owners for their initials in Spanish) gathered about 20 different restaurants cooking and giving taste of their specialties to all the attendees who enjoyed live music played by Agua de Coco and local music students, Lili Castillo and I shared the chance to entertain and highlight the best of each restaurant participating during this show, again I believe we have to continue promoting this type of activities where locals and tourists alike meet and have a great time going back home speaking of how much they enjoyed Rocky Point!


During Labor Day Weekend we had as usual our Great Sale of the Year everything went for 40% off, The Rocky Point Times gave us an excellent support, through fliers and facebook advertising we had a lots of our regular customers and new ones take advantage of the once a year event!


C. S. Lewis once wrote:” You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream”. 2012 is full of new dreams, we want to continue serving you all in your decorating needs, I saw the need for some changes to our registered mark Eddie Wharez® so through Facebook I launched a contest to create a new logo for our marketing efforts; great artists and graphic designers have already submitted their proposals, at this time of writing I haven’t chosen the winner yet but you will know it by the next edition and you will see it in our future ads.


For my Spanish audience I will expand into making a radio show with a very specific purpose,  that being, learning and teaching about the necessary abilities to be or become a successful entrepreneur and how to be creative specially during difficult financial times, I feel thrilled to know I will be interviewing different business owners and I am looking forward to that! Production will be in charge of CRF (Cadena Regional Fronteriza) and the show will be transmitted over the internet and out 1190 AM in Phoenix. I already take part in one radio show called “A leer de todo un poco” (Let’s read a bit of everything) and I will continue to help my dear friend Ana Karina de Alberti in her efforts to promote readership and culture in general among young ones and with the not too young as well.


There is one thing I never stop doing and that is learning, I strive to always be receptive to new viewpoints, to learn about different ways of reaching something never thinking there is only one way. Over the years I have studied different things, my plan is to finish my masters in Education in the city of Caborca and continue with my writing collaborations for the Rocky Point Times and the local Technological Institute Magazine “Punto Tec”.


Therefore my dear friends, stay tuned because new and exciting things will continue to happen in Puerto Peñasco and we want to remain here and be part of them. You will learn soon about our new logo, I will launch a special edition of bagged coffee prepared for us exclusively by Richard Scott and his “Café Gabacho”.


I am very thankful for 2011 I have a new addition to my family, a handsome grandbaby whose name is Chris and Flippy his dog which you have seen in the latest ads, who knows maybe whenever come by our store they happen to be here and you’ll get to meet them,  please stop by our store, we will gladly welcome your visit!



Written by Eddie Wharez®