Turn Your Radio On photoRecently I was invited to join Felix Rincon’s Accent Show as Monday’s co-host representing the American Legion in Rocky Point. The show broadcasts Monday thru Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Where did this come from?
About three months ago I met Veruska Flores, the attractive & charming manager of FM 106.1 to inquire if we might resume our monthly American Legion announcements. The American Legion raises money for charitable organizations & causes located across the United Sates and in many other countries including Mexico. Formed March 16, 1919 in Paris, France by Congressional proclamation the members are comprised of military veterans who work to give something back to their communities. Mrs. Flores suggested her station could provide ten minutes a week. Excitedly I agreed and was introduced to Felix Rincon, host of the popular “Accent Show.” After a short visit Felix made a proposal, “Dan, how about joining me on Mondays as the co-host for the entire sixty minutes (now 90 minutes).” Wow, I and the American Legion were now on the air.
What you may not know is Felix Rincon, radio personality and star of the show is also a licensed practicing doctor of dentistry. Say what? Yup, the good looking young disc jockey is a dentist trained & educated at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and has opened his own business right here in Rocky Point. His Smile Clinic, now operating for two years, is located across Blvd Benito Juarez from Sam’s Club.
This modest doctor & host of the show is also the sound engineer when we’re on the air. For those not familiar, a radio sound booth resembles the cockpit of a jumbo jet with buttons and lights everywhere. Felix immediately understood something about me, I’m a technical ignoramus needing to be advised not to touch any buttons (might blow something-up) and he politely informs me when the microphones are live (meaning don’t say something stupid).
The format for the ninety minute show is chitchat interwoven with discussions about old and Top 40 rock & roll music. I always remind listeners that I represent the “oldie” stuff & Felix takes care of our younger audience, and we vigilantly remind everyone our request lines are always open.
Felix has a talent for finding some really obscure tunes. One Monday, our American Legion food & beverage manager requested some off-the-wall gem. Felix found it, played it, and about thirty seconds into the song we looked at one another and said, “Man that’s weird.” Thanks a lot Mr. Anderson.
Doctor Felix recently complimented me on my knowledge of old-time rock & roll. I had to admit I do have memory relative to oldies, sort of like an anachronism. It’s a fun partnership and lets our older audience bond with the younger listeners.
Felix likes to say, “We have the coolest program on the air.” I follow with a borrowed phrase, “Music for the young and the old, the brave and bold. He’s the young and you got it, I’m the old.”