Commercial Airline FlightsIn a meeting with Fernando Antillon, Director General of the Mar de Cortés International Airport, and Alonso Dominguez, Airport Administrator, Mayor Kiko Munro was informed that TAR airlines, based in Queretaro, will begin 3 flights twice a week to Puerto Peñasco. The kickoff date for the first flights is currently scheduled to be July 21, 2016. TAR Airlines will be initially flying jets with a capacity of 50 passengers, beginning with the following routes:

Ciudad Juarez> Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco> Tijuana

Tijuana> Puerto Peñasco

Puerto Peñasco> Hermosillo

Hermosillo> Puerto Peñasco

TAR airline routes will initially be scheduled for Thursdays and Sundays. Exact times have not been determined as of yet.

This is great news for the growing number of Mexican Nationals who are discovering and enjoying our little paradise but it will also make travel from the USA very convenient. Most major cities have flights to Hermosillo, and the new connecting flight can bring you to Puerto Peñasco.

There has recently also been a great addition to the Tijuana airport and the International Border called Cross Border Express ( This is a closed system to facilitate coming across the border from San Diego to directly enter the airport in Tijuana. No driving, parking, taxis, etc. The airport will be reached by simply walking a short distance of about100 meters across the border to get Cross Border Express to reach the Tijuana airport. There, you will be able to board a plane to Puerto Peñasco, after theTijuana / Peñasco flights start on July 21st.

Many thanks go to Mayor Kiko Munro and the local Office of Conventions and Visitors in conjunction with the Government of the State of Sonora and the Federal Government for helping to achieve full funding and promoting this exciting new option.

Here are some sample prices gathered by Beverly Arrowood:

Puerto Peñasco to Tijuana: $933.20 pesos ($50 us dollars aprox.)

Round Trip: $2012.56 pesos ($108 us dollars aprox.)

Puerto Peñasco to Hermosillo: $1,020.80 pesos ($55 us dollars aprox.)

Round Trip: $2,228.60 pesos ($120 us dollars aprox.)

Puerto Peñasco to Cd. Juarez: $1,132.88 pesos ($61 us dollars aprox.)

Round Trip: $2,519.59 pesos ($136 us dollars aprox.)

All these flights are only Thursdays and Sundays both ways.

For more information on this new airline schedule you can visit the airline website directly at: This is just one more great step in the continuing efforts to promote tourism in Puerto Peñasco. It will certainly open the possibility for more people across the country to visit our city.

This article is brought to you by the Sonoran Resorts Sales Team,, Jim Ringquist, Director of Sales and Marketing