Plight of the Palm TreeOne of the true luxuries many experience in our seaside resort is simply pondering (to meditate or consider something deeply). With the beauty and solace offered by the Sea of Cortez one can sit back relaxing with a stiff cocktail, a tasty cup of coffee or whatever opens your senses and let the mind run full-throttle in contemplation.

I’m not sure how bad, excuse me what my condition was on the recent day I began gazing at six palm trees from my home’s patio. Was there a message shouting at me as I pondered. Let’s see, there are two trees beautifully doing well, two in pitiful condition and two have gone alonso-gonzo to palm tree heaven.

What does one do with a dead palm tree? Our complex’s handyman cut one down last year. I didn’t realize how large these plants are, the downed palm is still blocking a great portion of the parking lot. It’s a massive thing with no place to go. Are these things actually wood or something else? Can they be cut up and used as fuel? I have no idea and the tree is still dominating the parking spaces where it was felled, perhaps it’ll be moved next year.

Now my mind shifted to humanity. Is the palm tree a metaphor for our own lives? Is existence itself reflected by these magnificent warm weather giants? Now this is heavy stuff, we’re not talking existentialism, this is moving off the charts to full-blown self-awareness. Okay I’ll get back on track. What does one do with a dead palm tree? I guess cutting the dead tree up and then disposing of the smaller parts might be an answer. I need to do some more research on this.
Let me borrow and modify a Samuel Jackson TV commercial, “What’s in your pondering?” It’s early this morning, I’m going to grab a freshly brewed cup of coffee retreat back to the patio, scrutinize my six palm trees and solve the world’s problematic difficulties. I may need to wait for the cocktail-hour.