The idea of slamming drinks in the morning horrifies the uninformed, but for many avid beach lovers the concept is fairly normal. I’m fortunate to live close to one of Rocky Point’s beautiful beaches and not long ago one sleepy morning my friend Magoo knocked on the front door and proceeded to barge in sipping a screwdriver (vodka & orange juice). Coming awake I said, “Magoo it’s 6:45 a.m.” He replied, “I feel love and harmony throughout this wonderful world.” I yelled something that can’t be repeated in this article, pulled the blanket over my head and began fighting to return to sleep. This attempt failed and I soon joined Magoo, the bar was officially open.
Many tourists coming to Rocky Point believe alcohol is simply part of the deal. What are the favorite libations enjoyed by our visitors? Breaking it down and if we’re talking cocktails containing hard liquor there’s a variety of unusual names that provide quick roads to inebriation. These include: Sex on the Beach (of course); Fuzzy Navel (mine’s always been a bit hairy); B.A.F (bad & ass are the first two words of this acronym); Read-headed Slut (hey, showed-up in my research); Monkey Gland (now that’s plain weird and a tad demented); Goat’s Delight (Magoo’s favorite); Fat like Buddha (spiritual drink); Kamikaze (quick, very quick) and my favorite A.M.F (drinker is wishing all a hearty good bye).
Enjoying beer on Mexico’s beaches can also be appealing due to the myriad of fantastic brands. What is the best Mexican beer? While pondering this monumental question with my friend Will Smith at the American Legion a couple of weeks back we gave intense contemplation to this monumental issue. We’re both retired with gray hair & beards and favor the Dos Equis label. It’s a natural for us due to “the most interesting man in the world” scenario found in their advertising campaign. I’ve been drinking Dos Equis since my earliest days in Mexico and if I remember correctly, Will’s also been involved with the green bottle for many years. Today, since we’ve downed so much of this hearty liquid we consider ourselves extremely interesting. Unfortunately, the main character in these famous commercials is being retired. Does this mean our years of guzzling have been wasted? Gone for not? I think not. “Welcome to Rocky Point my friends and stay thirsty.” Yeah baby.