American LegionMany here are not aware that our Puerto Peñasco community has an American Legion post. Not only is there one here, but under the leadership of Post Commander Mike La Barge and Food & Beverage Manager Danny Anderson the post has won several awards, and is considered a showpiece for all Legion posts in Latin America. What is the American Legion?

The Legion has roots going back to the years after the American Civil War. Veterans from both the blue and gray armies formed social organizations for those who had served honorably in their respective militaries. As the United States evolved and America’s military commitments grew so did the American Legion. The organization offers facilities across the United States and in other countries providing veterans an opportunity to fraternize and support local charities & non-profits.

In Puerto Peñasco, the American Legion raises money for local causes such as Children’s Crisis Center, Dialysis Center and Two Fish Industries. Funds for the support of the post and these much needed charities are derived from the post’s food & beverage services, contributions and other special projects. The post is guided by an Executive Committee whose members are elected by the general membership. Commander La Barge resides over the monthly meetings.
The American Legion in Rocky Point does not limit membership to only those with veteran status. There is a popular “Associates Membership” package for those wanting to join, but have not served in the U.S. Military.
The local Legion has a restaurant serving breakfast & lunch and a bar that provides complete beverage services. Guests are always welcomed. In addition members are provided with a variety of other benefits such as internet capabilities and a Magic Jack phone system for long distance calls to the U.S. The Post provides members with on-going events such as karaoke, bingo and celebrations of most American and many Mexican holidays. Members have also discovered the Post is a wealth of information relative to living in Puerto Peñasco and/or Mexico in general.

Food & Beverage Manager Danny Anderson opens the facility each day at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 8:00 p.m. He has invited any and all to come by and take a look, “We’re very proud of the newly completed patio area that provides our members & guests with a fun and comfortable area to enjoy Rocky Point’s spectacular weather.”

The American Legion (Mexican Post #15) is located in the Mirador on Chihuahua just north of the Calle 1 (across the street from our friends at the Pink Cadillac). Just look for the American and Mexican flags proudly displayed & waving next to the front door.