The CBSC is saddened to notify the Cholla Bay community of the passing of Connie Horton in the early hours of March 28 at the age of 74. Connie has been bravely fighting a cancer diagnosis for nearly a year. She was always in amazing spirits considering the disease she was living with and the treatments she was undergoing. The last few years, Connie was a full-time resident of Cholla Bay and was extremely active in CBSC activities. Most of the beautiful photography of our activities was provided by Connie. As recently as the OBSC St. Pat’s Dinner, Connie was there smiling, laughing, and enjoying the company of her many Cholla friends. Connie will be sorely missed by everyone in Cholla Bay who knew her and loved her.

On another sad note, Jackie Busfield would like the Cholla Bay community to know of the passing of her sister, Pat Susong at her home in Cholla Bay on March 14. Pat had been a visitor to Cholla Bay since 1961 and later on, became a homeowner. The family is going to have a “service” later when the family gathers here in Cholla Bay for their annual family reunion.

The Cholla Bay Sportsmen’s Club is saddened to report on the sudden death of Rick “Sassy Cat” Smith. Rick passed away on Friday, March 25 due to complications from open heart surgery at 83 years old. Rick had been a long-time resident of Cholla Bay until he recently sold his last property. Rick was instrumental in the search & Rescue arm of the CBSC in the 70’s and 80’s. He was a past president of the OBSC and a former Board Member of the Vecinos de la Cholla AC. Rick’s adventures were legendary on the beaches and ocean around the Puerto Peñasco area. His generosity and adventurous spirit will be sorely missed by all who knew him.