We are working our way out of the Covid-19 lock-down and health protections, but for now, face masks are still required.

We like to think they are keeping us or others safer but it has created a truly unfortunate social barrier. We can’t see each other smile!

My husband and I have always said that our Spanish isn’t great but smiles and laughter are a universal language; and sometimes they say more than words ever could. With everyone covered by CV19 masks, the world seems a little less friendly. I miss the warm smiles of the people in Peñasco.

I was selecting tomatoes at the Super Ley and almost didn’t recognize our dear friend Javier, standing right next to me, or my neighbor Carmen at the check-out counter. The masks create a type of visual isolation that makes you feel unnecessarily cautious.

Rocky Point is a peaceful place with happy people. It’s part of what drew us here and made this our full-time home. I, for one, am more than eager to see your smiling faces, and hers, and his, and theirs.

The City did a superb job during this Pandemic – 60,000 people and only two cases. The road block has been a hardship but it worked. The people of Peñasco followed the guidelines to the letter and all of this has undoubtedly saved lives.

We come out of this even more grateful for the people, businesses, activities and events that make this our favorite corner of the world. “Normal” is just around the corner, thank God and thank everyone for doing their part.