When I read the news of Calafia’s flights between Tijuana and Rocky Point, I thought there would be a very limited market for Peñasco business people or residents who really needed a commuter flight to Tijuana?

However, since TJ is a major hub for flights to many cities in Mexico, those who want to travel deeper into Mexico for business or pleasure could save time, the car or bus ride to TJ, and long-term parking fees, by booking this non-stop flight.

Then the gears started turning. Thousands of Southern Californians have vacation properties in Rocky Point. For most, including our daughter in Santa Monica, it’s a nine-hour drive to get here. With gas prices soaring, the cost of Mexico car insurance for a week and the time on the road, this $175 round-trip ticket could be the Golden Ticket for many.

Getting to San Diego is easy enough by car or train but driving to the Tijuana Airport could be a little challenging. With a quick online search, I found numerous recommendations on how best to navigate that leg of the journey. They said, Uber to the border, take the pedestrian bridge across and through immigration, then call another Uber to take you to the airport. Simple!

The flight is aboard a 50-passenger jet and from the flight schedule, it appears that it takes around 45 minutes. You are allowed 50 pounds of luggage per person – just be sure everything is on wheels when you take the walk over the CBX Border Crossing Bridge.

According to an article in the April issue of the times, your ticket price includes transfer from the Mar de Cortes Airport to Puerto Peñasco as well, so there’s no need for a rental car.

For nearly eight years, our daughter in California has driven to Peñasco or flown to Phoenix and caught a shuttle to Rocky Point. Each way ended up being a 12-hour commute from door to door. That, along with the cost for an Uber to LAX, the flight to PHX and shuttle to Peñasco, kept her visits down to just a few each year.

She often said what she needed was a private jet. Well, that was not in the budget, but the Calafia option means she’ll be watching many more sunsets on the Sea of Cortes, Margarita in hand.

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