One of the primary concerns people, and especially retirees, have about moving to Rocky Point, or spending long periods of time in a second home here, is medical coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans were not accepted by doctors and hospitals here. Until now!

Lakeside Medical Group, a Managed Care Health Maintenance Organization, based in Lake Chapala, Jalisco, has established a partnership with the Santa Maria Clinic on Avenida Niños Héroes 37, Centro in Puerto Peñasco and is now accepting members.

Medicare Part A and B cannot be used outside the United States, but Medicare Advantage Plans, or C Plans, are accepted by Lakeside. In general Medicare Advantage plans cover urgent care and emergencies outside of the USA

Policies from more than 350 American health care insurance companies are accepted by Lakeside and their membership is free to the patient. Some of the many insurances accepted are Tricare, ChampVA, Aetna, Blue Cross, United Health Care and many, many others including most Medicare Advantage Plans.

Patients are not responsible for deductibles or co-insurance when using Lakeside’s provider network for authorized care. Only a nominal co-pay of 100 pesos is charged for regular office visits, labs and diagnostics. The maximum anyone will ever pay out of pocket is $3000 pesos for a hospital stay regardless of length of stay…1 day or 1 month hospitalization is only $3,000 pesos. Not a centavo more!

The company operates its own facilities and is associated with independent contracted hospitals, labs, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, out-patient facilities and emergency room in more than 20 cities throughout Mexico. So, services are also available for those who travel beyond Rocky Point.

Being a member/patient of the Lakeside Medical Group does not affect your policies and coverage back in the U.S. It simply extends the services of private insurance companies like United Health Care, Blue Cross, Aetna, AARP Medicare Complete, and many more which are approved by Medicare, to facilities and physicians in Mexico.

Canadian OHIP and MSP health care benefits are available only in Lakeside’s Chapala-Ajijic facility when certain requirements are met. However, Lakeside accepts most Canadian secondary policies with no out-of-pocket expenses or reimbursement to deal with. Payments are made directly from the Ontario and BC provinces to Lakeside.

Though limited, certain Veterans Administration Plans are accepted by Lakeside.

Information for this article came from the Lakeside Medical Group website. For complete explanation of services and application of benefits, go to: or call +52-376-766-0395.

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The Santa Maria Clinic in Peñasco will be the local facility for Lakeside Medical Group patients.