At a recent Mass at St. Joseph’s, 6-month-old Felix Eden Mojica Payan was “presented” as a new member of the Church. He and his parents, Evelyn and Felix Jr., were blessed and congratulate by Padre Marco Lopez, pastor of Holy Family Parish, which oversees St. Joseph’s

As a Mission Church with only a handful of local worshippers, St. Joseph’s has always needed the assistance of ley ministers from its parish church.

When it fell under Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Roberto and Dora Payan, who are grandparents of little Felix, assisted St. Joseph’s. Roberto was a translator and Dora an altar server. When St. Joseph’s was moved under Holy Family Parish, the couple took new duties at their home parish but have remained connected and visit several times a year.

Sexton Bob Keller said, “Roberto and Dora were a big part of the team that built St. Joseph’s from an abandoned cinder block shell to the chapel it is today. In addition to his assignments during Mass, Roberto helped to build pews for the church and both assisted with special events.

“Because we offer the only bilingual Mass in Puerto Peñasco, we welcome hundreds of English-speaking Catholics, and many non-Catholics, who come to town at various times of the year. It is always touching to have members of our original team visit, especially for such a special occasion,” Keller added.

St. Joseph’s Chapel in La Cholla, offers bilingual Mass every Sunday at 9 a.m., with the readings, music and prayers in both languages and the sermon translated into English. To reach the church, take the paved road past the Sandy Beach Condos and the sand road past Wrecked at the Reef. As you wind toward Cholla Bay, the church is on your right and clearly marked. There is parking on both side of the building.

For information about services at St. Joseph’s, contact sexton Bob Keller, OFS, by e-mail at or by text or phone at 928-706-6928.

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Pastor, Padre Marco Lopez presents Felix Eden Mojica Payan, a new member of the Church during a Mass at St. Joseph’s Chapel in La Cholla as parents Evelyn and Felix Jr., look on.