The first two phases of the perimeter wall at St. Joseph’s Catholic Chapel in La Choya are complete and fund raising continues to finish the project.

Because of the increasing cost of construction materials, the project needs to be built in phases as the funds are available. Sexton Bob Keller said, “We count ourselves blessed that materials were less expensive when we were building the residence for our pastor. The wall will actually end up costing more than his two-bedroom, two-bath apartment.”

Construction of the wall was requested by the Diocese of Mexicali which oversees Catholic Churches here in Rocky Point. It is believed that perimeter fencing is a carry-over from the days of early Spanish missions when the property was built like a fort to provide security for the clergy and those who worked for the church. Today the walls help to define the property boundaries and to keep it free from debris.

Once the wall itself is finished, four iron gates will be needed to provide access to the parking lots.

St. Joseph’s offers the only bilingual Mass in Rocky Point. Service begins every Sunday at 9 a.m. To reach the chapel, take the paved road past the Sandy Beach condos and the dirt road past Wrecked at the Reef. As you wind your way toward Cholla Bay, the church is on the right and clearly marked. All are welcome.

For information about the church, contact sexton Bob Keller by e-mail at or by phone or text at 928-706-6928.

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Two phases of the new wall around St. Joseph’s Chapel are complete.