Available Puerto Peñasco Police officers were treated to breakfast by the Old Boys Social Club and Peñasco Lion’s Club in La Choya last month in honor of Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, which is celebrated on January 9th in the U.S.

This is the second year the club has hosted local law enforcement personnel. This year, approximately 90 officers were able to attend and more than a dozen volunteers were on hand as cooks, kitchen help, greeters, clean-up crew and servers. Among those serving was Peñasco Police Comisario, Raúl Quintero.

Gerry Caballero, who is the current treasurer and former president of the Peñasco Lion’s Club, organized the event, along with the Old Boys Social Club, to show appreciation to the officers and to better acquaint them with the little community of La Choya.

This year the clubs added another element by collecting door prizes which were items the officers could use on duty, including flashlights. Caballero said, “Some of the officers brought their wives and children, which was wonderful. Next year we will be adding some household items such as small appliances, to the door prizes.”

The Lion’s Club and OBSC have a long history of working together for the benefit of those in need in Peñasco. For 30 some years, the two clubs have hosted an event called “The Bash” which raises funds for DIF and other Lion’s Club charities. The club volunteers chipped in to pay for the food and unused food items were taken to Esperanza Children’s Home. 

Cabellero said, “There are around 120 officers in the force. Most are young, with families, and their salaries are low. We wanted to show respect for what they do for the city for all of us. Next year we hope to include fire fighters as well.”

As the event was wrapping up, Caballero told the Comisario that he should feel free to go if he needed to get to the station. Comisario Quintero explained that he was waiting on one employee who had car problems and was delayed.

 “The employee he was waiting for wasn’t a high-ranking officer, it was the person in charge of maintenance at the police station,” Caballero said. “That impressed me.”

In addition to help provided by members of the two clubs, Javier and Hansel Delgado from Japaros Bakery contributed a large box of doughnuts. Hansel and Javier, who also instructs baking at the culinary school, have helped with numerous charitable causes in a similar way.

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OBSC and Lion’s Club volunteers, along with Comisario Raul Quintero (far right), man the serving line at the second annual breakfast for Peñasco police officers.

Officers enjoyed a hearty breakfast provided and prepared by members of the Old Boys Social Club and the Peñasco Lion’s Club on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day last month.