What started as a question posted on an internet forum dedicated to Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) culminated in a fundraising event, Cheeseburgers for Charity, held at the home of some Rocky Point regulars, that raised over $5,000 to be distributed to three different charities.

Another regular visitor was having some cleaning done in preparation for a yearly Thanksgiving Day potluck held at the RV Park. He found out that the lady doing the cleaning had a granddaughter who was deaf and the family had not been able to have the little 3 year old tested. A post was made on the RockyPointTalk.Com Forum (http://www.rockypointtalk.com/) asking if anyone knew where and how to get the girl tested. There was an immediate flurry of activity on the forum with suggestions.  More Rocky Point and forum regulars, Bill & Fabiola Cox, found out that there were no local facilities in Rocky Point for pediatric testing, and that it would have to be done in San Luis. Several of the Thanksgiving Day celebrants chipped in money for the testing.  Bill & Fabiola then took the time to drive the little girl and her mom to San Luis. The testing indicated that the little girl, Ximena, would need a cochlear implant to regain her hearing, an operation that costs approximately $50K. She would first need to use a device for a year that would stimulate her auditory nerve. This device costs $1300.  After an exploration of local government agencies for assistance was going nowhere, Rob & Michelle Markson sprang into action, and arranged to hold a fundraising event at their home in Litchfield Park, AZ. They booked 2 acts, Mark Mulligan and Sam Rainwater, who perform what is referred to as “TropRock” (think Jimmy Buffett), and Cheeseburgers for Charity came into being.

Mark Olszewski, who together with his wife Barb, run a local Puerto Peñasco charity, the Adopt-a-Classroom Program (http://www.rockypointclassroom.com), created a website for the event. Information was also put on the RockyPointTalk Forum and Facebook. The Rocky Point Times Newspaper placed a free notice of the event in their September issue.  The event was also publicized on Russ and Rosie’s “Rocky Point Ramblings” radio program on 106.1FM (Puerto Peñasco….also on the FB page). Several local Rocky Point and Arizona businesses, as well as others, contributed prizes for a raffle, running from condo stays, to scuba dive course, to bicycles, to beach skim boards, to gift certificates for food and drinks in Rocky Point.  Others contributed food, refreshments and supplies for the event.

On September 23rd, over 150 Rocky Pointers and fans of Mark Mulligan and Sam Rainwater got together for an evening of cheeseburgers, refreshments, socializing and great entertainment. The prizes were raffled off to happy attendees and, after all was said and done, over $5000 was raised. The money raised (100%), will go to Mark Mulligan’s Castaway Kids, Mark and Barb’s Adopt-a-Classroom, and for the device for Ximena.


Special thanks goes to the many generous contributors:

Rob & Michelle Markson – Super Hosts of “Cheesburgers for Charity Event” & a Condo Stay

Jim Ringquist and Sonoran Resorts – several Condo Stays

Brenda Conter – Condo stay

Steve Schwab (Seaside Reservations) – Condo stay

Boo Bar -gift certificate

Al Capone’s-gift certificate

RC Bicycles (Tucson) – bicycles

Inland Water Divers (Avondale) – Dive class

Dan and Connie Selby (Food/misc. other “stuff”)

Tracy Boreds – skim boards

Phil and Tanya Fox of New Western Rentals – Port-a-Johns

Charmaine Caruso – barbecue grill & “Chief Barbecuer”

KJ’s Bar (Glendale) – beer donation

Asphalt Busters – food donation

Angela Schriver – food / wine basket donation

Jeff Mischia – doggy basket donation

Russ Black – “Taco Tour” donation

Rocky Point Times – annual subscriptions



Sam Rainwater

Mark Mulligan

Stage with some of the raffle prizes

Sam Rainwater, Michelle Markson, Mark Olszewski, Rob Markson, Mark Mulligan