By Cora Doner and Linda Sharp


Rocky Point has some of the best fresh seafood in the entire Sea of Cortez – known worldwide for its amazing sea bounties.

Next time you have a day to relax, and have the time and interest to consider a beach picnic, you may have a life-time memory in the making.

We (Cora, husband Peter & family) fish commercially on the beaches of Clam Gulch, Alaska, every summer.  Sunny days with not many fish in our nets is a time we can consider a beach picnic.  Days are long (Alaska is the Land of the Midnight Sun.). We can be outside at 1AM and not need a flashlight.  Last summer, we put together an amazing, colorful, tasty fresh seafood buffet with a ton of fresh vegetables to accompany the seafood.  Salmon and halibut are our common catches.  We think that salmon and halibut caught, cooked and served the same day is almost unmatched for culinary delight.  Rocky Point beach picnics would include perhaps fresh shrimp, snapper, and other seafood available at the fish markets as well as fresh local fruits and vegetables.

RAINBOW –ROY G. BIV:   think red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.  Nutritionists advise us that locally grown, fresh fruits and vegetables are preferred and the darker the vegetable the more nutrients it provides.



Tips for keeping it simple and having fun:

#1.  Sturdy table from which food is served.

#2.  Table cloth to add a touch of elegance.

#3.  Something to cover food in case of wind.

#4.  Have all guests bring their own chairs, beverage, plates and service.

#5.  Pot luck can work well – specify to guests if you prefer they bring specific dishes.

#6.  Keep freshly caught seafood on ice until cooked.

#7.  Budget your time so you can relax in the sun and enjoy the bounties!

#8.  Color adds to the culinary delight – fresh fruits, vegetables, trim.

#9.  Trash receptacle close by with adequate, strong bags.

#10. Hats, sweaters  and sunscreen as needed.

Authors:      Cora Doner earned a degree in Culinary Arts from the U of Alaska in 2010. Cora and her husband,  Peter are expecting their first child in March, 2012.   She and Linda have visited and volunteered in Rocky Point since 2001.      Linda Sharp has an M.Ed. and is a Realtor and consultant in Alzheimer’s, Hospice and elder interests.   Linda gives talks on brain health and memory in AZ, AK and Mexico.  (907)227-0036