Time to grab your sticks and head for the border

Yes, it’s golf time in Cholla Bay.

The Fourth Annual Cholla Bay Sportsman’s Club Golf Tournament will be played at Las Palomas Golf Course on January 14, 2012. 72 lucky people will get to beat a golf ball around the only patch of grass on Sandy Beach!

The format will be a “Callaway” which means anyone can win no matter how good or bad you are. Play with your favorite foursome but you are on your own, your score is what counts to you!! Be a part of the PGA (Penasco Golf Addicts)

Lunch will be served afterwards. Prizes may be awarded to those in the country legally or illegally, depending on how good or bad a golfer you are!!!!.

So get your reservation in early! Let’s make it easy, Send an e-mail toMIRHE1@AOL.COM and tell me the names of the players in your group.Cost $85.00 USD. Cheap!

This year’s proceeds will be used to continue to enhance the Cholla Bay Sportsman’s Club Search and Rescue facilities and DIF.