What is it?
Colon hydrotherapy is the placement of warm filtered water at low pressure into the large intestine. Using our sophisticated control equipment, a disposable cannula is inserted into the rectum, which automatically fills and empties with water, progressively dissolving any deposits adhering to the colon.

Why do colon hydrotherapy?
Poor diet with low quality nutrients, stress, and lack of exercise are customs and influences of our time that lead to debris that can become incrusted along the walls of the colon or large intestine, impeding its normal function.

What is this therapy used for?
This therapy is especially used to treat and care for illnesses within the large intestine (constipation, irritable colon, irritable bowel, spastic colon, hemorrhoids, chronic diarrhea, flatulence, bloating, parasites, etc.), or contamination of the large intestine that may lead to or manifest itself as: skin diseases (acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies), premature aging of the skin, weariness – chronic fatigue, obesity, chronic and degenerative diseases. As preoperative help for any type of surgery. It is a fully cleansing treatment.

An Ancient Therapy with Current Technology: Colon Therapy
Today, the large intestine is one of the organs most acutely impacted by illnesses in these times. Therefore, it is essential to be concerned about its hygiene in order to prevent a variety of ailments and particularly colon cancer. Ancestral knowledge is being recovered today, enhanced by 20th century technology, leading to a modern machine that has been used successfully in the US and Europe for over 40 years. Now it is in Puerto Peñasco!!

“Colon hydrotherapy is highly recommended both for healthy and sick individuals”
Dr. Sidhartha Hindú
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