Cover0614Well, once again Rocky Point was blessed with a busy May and perfect weather. It’s nice to see so many people around town during the week and on the weekends, but traffic sure gets crazy on holiday weekends. Seems a little crazier now with the Marlin statue and whatever the city did with the Luis Encinas light on Calle 13. We crossed at Miguel Hidalgo (Calle 13) and Luis Encinas after the Bacanora Grill Grand Opening and it took us forever to get through the intersection. Sandy went the next day and deduced that only 3 vehicles get through per green light. They need to change the light so that all traffic on Calle 13 gets to go north and south at the same time and the same on Luis Encinas. Right now they have it set to trigger only one green light at a time. So my advice is to avoid that intersection on busy weekends for now until someone realizes they made a mistake.

Did you notice? Did it feel heavier? More plop-factor as Tom O’Hare would say. The Rocky Point Times is on the move…increasing the paper another 4 pages. Can I get a Whoop! Whoop! We are the oldest and largest tourist publication in Rocky Point AND we have been family owned and operated since 1993. You must get an ad into the next edition because we are just going to continue to climb up from here, reaching more and more people due to increased tourism and Sandy’s relentless attention to Facebook. (Next I’ll get her into Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook ads. Oh, and a smartphone. LOL) Call Mario Zepeda at our office (011-52-638) 383-6325 for advertising rates and information or call our U.S. line at 480-463-6255, Email us or Facebook us at Rocky Point Times Newspaper.

Our May El Golfo Run was a lot of fun, except maybe for Mario and Wayne who drove Tom’s yellow buggy and ended up stranded in the desert for 7+ hours. Ah, even they had a great time once they made it to El Golfo. We had an excellent “Survivor’s Dinner” for about 40 people at La Casa del Capitan following the Run. The next one will be October 24th through the 26th. Call or email the office if you would like to join – it’s a great weekend get-away.

June is chock full of events like the Rubber Ducky Race on June 8th. It will be on Sandy Beach in front of the Sonoran Sea Resort. Ramon’s Restaurant will prepare a buffet breakfast for everyone to enjoy while waiting for your ducks to come to shore. Ducks are sold for $5 each or 3 for $10 dlls and can be purchased from Sandy Spain (044-638) 109-4109 or Barb (044) 638-114-2406. It’s a great charity event so come out and have some fun.

June 5th through the 8th there will be a 4 Day Circus Mexicus Fest featuring Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers plus 12 other bands. Watch out Coachella here Rocky Point comes! Should be a fantastic musical showing. Get your tickets now at Lots of other events going on in June so check out our Facebook Page as well as the events in this edition.

Let’s not forget events that happen weekly here in Peñasco such as The Connection. The group meets for Happy Hour at the Lighthouse Restaurant on top of Whale Hill on Thursdays at 4pm and everyone is always welcome. Every Tuesday at 4pm the Peñasco Singles meet for Happy Hour at Puesta del Sol Restaurant which is beachside at Playa Bonita Hotel and Resort.

Dolce Vita, Chef Lucas 2nd and new restaurant location behind the Shrimp Plaza has a new REWARDS CARD. You are rewarded with a free dessert after 6 meals marked on your card. Check out their bakery items as well. YUM! The bakery (behind Shrimp Plaza) opens at 10:30am Tuesday through Sunday, closed Monday. Make your restaurant reservation, or bakery order by calling 383-7222.

As I mentioned in the last Editorial, Playa Hermosa beach access was open for Semana Santa and is almost finished as of the end of May. We still don’t understand the whole concept of the steps and “boardwalk”, but just as the stop light at Luis Encinas and Calle 13, we will eventually find out.

Looks like we are getting ready for new wind generators. Construction looks like a giant sink hole at the roundabout at Samuel Ocaña and Blvd. Costa Diamante (road to resorts) next to the Quik Stop / Pemex. They surely have to dig a long way down which means they will hit water so this should be interesting as well. Ahh, so many things to look forward to.

As of deadline, there is no new information, no website update @www.boomerfestdays but we just heard that two groups have verified their presence here for the weekend of Oct. 9th for BOOMER FEST DAYS, Jefferson Starship and Country Joe McDonald have Puerto Peñasco on their posted schedule.

Some local happenings: A big congratulations to Ashley Sanchez on the opening of her new (and very fancy) beauty salon, CANVAS. See the photos and story in this edition. The city is planning to complete the construction of Blvd. Benito Juarez by the end of June. Won’t that be a relief! Check out the Home Port article in this issue. The convention Center (Expo Center) was officially opened after hosting a SRO crowd for El Gallito World Championship Fight. We can hopefully look forward to many events and companies bringing people to Rocky Point to hold their conventions. We had a great time at the Grand Opening of Bacanora. Look for the article in this edition.

And on a final note Sandy says thanks to Jerry and Cathy from Playa Dorada for bringing her frog socks. People, the insanity has got to stop! Bring Pez instead.

Ooh, one more thing – mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual Vegas Night held for charity at the Sonoran Sky on July 5th. Article in this edition. See you all in June.